Compactable Urban Bicycle

3. ECO // 07 – Compactable Urban Bicycle

Whoever came up with this bicycle concept decided to reinvent the wheel. This bicycle can be disassembled completely. Even the wheels fold up. The secret is in the wheels. Each wheel consists of 6 modules that can be separated and folded up to save up space.This is a great option for transporting your bike. For example if you’re moving to another city, you won’t have to look like a crazy person with the bike tied to the roof of your car. You can just fold it up and put it in the trunk. It’s also a great solution for people who like taking their bicycles on vacation. Since it’s so compact you can just take it on a plane in a suitcase.



4. X Bike

This new mini-bicycle is perfect for people who appreciate comfort and mobility. This bicycle is shaped like the letter “X” and can be folded up when needed. The folding is done in 6 easy steps thanks to the quick-release skewer mechanism. Another prominent detail that we’d like to mention is that this bike, unlike most bikes, doesn’t use chains or cables. You heard it tight, no chains.
It’s no secret to cyclists that the most easily broken part of the bicycle is the chain. That’s the first detail that usually needs fixing or replacing. Well, with the X Bike you can forget about it, no more chains. This bicycle is also health conscious. It has a specially designed prostatitis preventing seat.

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