Backpack Bicycle by Chang Ting Jen

5. Backpack Bicycle by Chang Ting Jen

If you love bicycling and want to take your bike with you everywhere you go, this Backpack Bicycle is for you. You literally can’t get more compact that this. The bicycle weighs about 5 kilograms, which isn’t that much when you think about. The designer also says that it might become lighter as the metal parts can be replaced by plastic ones.
The Backpack bicycle was made to suit the needs of people who live in the city but like to explore. It’s very compact, so you can easily take it with you as a backpack when using public transportation, but once you’re outside you can unfold it and you’re ready to cycle. It’s also a great idea for those who don’t want to leave their bikes chained on the street when they’re out and about, or need to go to the mall.

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