Carrier Bike by Shin Hyung Sub Shin

6. Carrier Bike by Shin Hyung Sub Shin

If the only reason you haven’t been using a bicycle is because it has no place to store your belongings you’re in for a treat. The carrier bike has a special compartment in the middle that has more than enough space to store whatever you need in the day. You can put your briefcase or a handbag there. You can use it to store a change of clothing if you work at a place that has a uniform.
You can even put a pair of changing shoes in there, so you can wear comfy sneakers while you’re bicycling and change into your stylish office shoes when you get to work. The bicycle is also a bit of a transformer. It can be folded up to resemble a shopping cart, so you can wheel it around with you in the supermarket and use it to carry your produce. So now you can even use your bike when shopping.

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