Taurus Seat-less Bike by Julia Meyer

Taurus Seat-less Bike by Julia Meyer

This bicycle has taken an extra step when it comes to fitness and workouts. It doesn’t have a seat. The idea behind the creation of this bicycle is that we already spend a lot of time sitting down, and even though normal bicycles with seat provide us with some form of physical exercise it’s still not enough. The Taurus Seat-less bicycle is designed in a way where, when on the bike,  your body will be tilted in a way that puts your legs into a perfect position for a great workout.
This bicycle is designed for children, so that your kids can become health and fitness conscious from a young age. Since the bicycle is made for kids it’s quite small and compact, the wheels and the handlebars are detachable, for easy storage at home or for transportation in the trunk of a car.

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