Der Besuch Der Alten Dame by Friedrich Dürrenmatt

The play Der Besuch der alten Dame is a tragicomedy by Swiss playwright Friedrich Dürrenmatt. It was first performed in 1956. The play is set in the town of Güllen, which is on the verge of bankruptcy.

The townsfolk are saved when the richest woman in the world, Claire Zachanassian, comes to visit. She offers them a fortune if they will kill her former lover, Anton Schill. At first they refuse, but when she raises the stakes they agree to do it.

The play ends with Anton’s death and Claire’s departure.

“The Visit” by Friedrich Dürrenmatt is a play about a small town that is visited by a wealthy woman. The woman offers the town a large sum of money if they will kill a man she has never met. The town agrees to do so, and the play follows their preparations for the murder.

“The Visit” is both a dark comedy and a tragedy, and it raises questions about morality, greed, and justice.

Was Will Dürrenmatt Mit Dem Besuch Der Alten Dame Sagen?

Friedrich Dürrenmatt was a Swiss playwright and novelist who wrote The Visit, among other works. In The Visit, Dürrenmatt uses the arrival of an old woman to a small town as a way to explore themes of greed, corruption, and morality. While the old woman’s visit may at first seem innocuous, it soon becomes clear that her presence is having a profound effect on the townspeople.

As the play progresses, Dürrenmatt raises questions about what it means to be good or evil, and whether humans are capable of change. Ultimately, The Visit is a dark comedy that satirizes human nature while also offering a glimpse into the potential for hope and redemption.

Was Thematisiert Das Buch Der Besuch Der Alten Dame?

The book centers around the visit of an elderly woman to her hometown. The townspeople are shocked and outraged by her presence, as she is perceived to be a reminder of their dark past. However, the old woman is not there to judge or condemn them; instead, she brings with her a message of hope and reconciliation.

Through her interactions with the townspeople, the old woman helps them to see that it is never too late to change and that forgiveness is always possible.

Was Ist Die Moral Von Der Besuch Der Alten Dame?

The moral of the story “The Visit” is that it is never too late to make things right. No matter how old you are, or how much time has passed, it is always possible to apologize and seek forgiveness. This story teaches us that even the smallest act of kindness can have a profound impact on another person’s life.

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Der Besuch der alten Dame (1959)

Der Besuch Der Alten Dame Pdf

The Visit of the Old Lady is a play by Swiss playwright Friedrich Dürrenmatt. The play was first performed in 1956 at the Schauspielhaus Zürich. It is one of Dürrenmatt’s best-known works, and has been translated into many languages.

The plot revolves around Claire Zachanassian, a wealthy widow who returns to her hometown after many years away. She offers the townspeople a large sum of money if they will kill her former lover, Anton Schill. The townspeople agree, and Anton is killed.

However, after receiving the money, they realize that Claire has tricked them: she never intended to pay them anything. The play ends with the townspeople turning on Claire and killing her. Dürrenmatt wrote The Visit as a response to the rise of fascism in Europe during the 1950s.

The character of Claire Zachanassian represents a corrupt politician who uses her power to manipulate others for her own gain. By contrast, Anton Schill represents an honest man who tries to do good but is ultimately destroyed by his own naivete.


The Visit by Friedrich Dürrenmatt is a story about a small town that is struggling financially. The town is offered a large sum of money by a wealthy woman, but she will only give the money if someone agrees to kill her. The town’s mayor decides to take on the task, but as he gets closer to carrying out the deed, he realizes that the woman is not as evil as she seems.

In the end, he can’t go through with it and the town is left without the much-needed funds.

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