Usps Pittsburgh Pa Distribution Center

The USPS Pittsburgh Pa Distribution Center is a sorting facility for the United States Postal Service. The center is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and serves the surrounding area. The facility sorts and processes mail for delivery to residences and businesses in the region.

The USPS Pittsburgh Pa Distribution Center is a state-of-the-art facility that opened in October 2016. The center is designed to improve the efficiency of package and letter delivery for customers in Western Pennsylvania. The new distribution center has automated package sorting equipment and can handle up to 150,000 packages per day.

This will help to ensure that your mail is delivered promptly and efficiently.

The Secret Postal Epicenter of Pittsburgh

How Long Does a Usps Package Stay at a Distribution Center?

The average package stays at a USPS distribution center for around 1-3 days. However, this can vary depending on how busy the distribution center is and where it is located. If a package is being sent to a rural area, it may take longer to reach its destination than if it was being sent to a major city.

What is Pittsburgh Network Distribution Center?

The Pittsburgh Network distribution Center is a hub for data and telecommunications traffic in the United States. It is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The center is operated by Verizon Business and serves as a major point of presence for many national and international carriers.

The facility offers colocation, interconnection, and other services to its customers.

Where Does Usps Package Go After Distribution Center?

After a USPS distribution center receives a package, it is sorted and routed to the next stop on its journey. Packages destined for locations within the same state as the distribution center are typically sent to a Sectional Center Facility (SCF). From there, they are delivered to local post offices for delivery to recipients.

Packages going to different states are usually sent directly to an area mail processing facility (AMP) where they are loaded onto outbound trucks bound for their destination state.

What is the Difference between a Usps Distribution Center And a Network Distribution Center?

The USPS distribution center is responsible for the distribution of postal products and services to post offices, while the network distribution center is responsible for the sorting and delivery of mail. The main difference between the two centers is their focus: one on products and services, and the other on sorting and delivering mail.

Usps Pittsburgh Pa Distribution Center


Pittsburgh, Pa Network Distribution Center Phone Number

If you need to contact the Network Distribution Center in Pittsburgh, the phone number is 1-888-908-7267. The center is responsible for distributing network traffic across the country, and they can help you with any questions or concerns you may have about your service.


The United States Postal Service’s Pittsburgh Distribution Center is located in Pennsylvania. The center handles mail for the states of Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio. The distribution center is responsible for sorting and delivering mail to post offices in the three states.

The center also processes packages and Express Mail.

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