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Austin McChord is a highly successful entrepreneur and the founder of Datto, a global provider of cloud-based software and security solutions for businesses.

McChord’s innovative vision and leadership have propelled Datto to become one of the fastest-growing technology companies in the world.

Under McChord’s guidance, Datto has garnered numerous accolades, including being named to the Forbes Cloud 100 list and receiving the prestigious Inc. 5000 award for several consecutive years.

McChord’s passion for technology and his relentless drive for excellence have made him a sought-after speaker at industry events and conferences.

In addition to his entrepreneurial ventures, McChord is actively involved in philanthropy, supporting causes such as education, healthcare, and disaster relief.

Austin McChord’s impressive achievements and commitment to making a positive impact in the world serve as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders.

A Quick Overview Of Austin Mcchord

Name Austin McChord
Date of birth 1985-12-14
Age 35
Marital status
Nationality American

What Is Austin Mcchord Net Worth?

Austin McChord is an American entrepreneur and the founder of Datto, a company that specializes in business continuity and data protection solutions. With a net worth estimated at around $1.5 billion, his main source of earning is through his ownership and successful management of Datto.

McChord’s net worth has been steadily increasing over the years, as Datto has experienced significant growth and success in the tech industry. As the company continues to expand its services and reach, McChord’s wealth is likely to increase even further.

In the early stages of his career, McChord earned a lot through his entrepreneurial ventures, including the founding of Datto in 2007. As the company gained traction and attracted numerous clients, his earnings grew substantially.

Despite his wealth, McChord is known for being relatively low-key and modest in his spending habits. He has a reputation for being financially responsible and focused on investing in the growth and development of his company. Rather than extravagant personal expenses, he dedicates his resources to expanding Datto’s capabilities and ensuring its ongoing success in the competitive tech industry.

Early Life

Austin McChord was born in 1985 in Syracuse, New York. Growing up, he showed an early aptitude for technology and innovation, frequently taking apart and rebuilding electronics in his spare time. As a teenager, he became fascinated with computer programming and taught himself to code, laying the foundation for his future success.

After graduating high school, McChord attended Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, where he studied computer science and electrical engineering. During his time at university, he continued to excel in his studies and demonstrated his entrepreneurial spirit by launching his first company, an IT consulting business. This early venture provided him with valuable experience and helped set the stage for his future endeavors.

Upon graduating from college, McChord founded Datto in 2007. He started the company with the goal of providing reliable, efficient, and secure data backup and recovery solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. Datto quickly gained traction and grew exponentially under McChord’s leadership, becoming a prominent player in the technology industry.

Throughout his career, McChord has been recognized for his contributions to the tech industry, receiving numerous accolades and awards. He has also been featured in various media outlets, becoming a well-known figure in the business world. Today, Austin McChord’s legacy as a successful entrepreneur and innovator continues to inspire others in the field.

Career & Education

Austin McChord is an accomplished entrepreneur and business executive. He graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with a degree in computer science in 2009.

After graduating, McChord founded Datto, a leading provider of technology solutions for businesses. Under his leadership, Datto grew rapidly and became a leader in the industry, with over 1,400 employees and offices in multiple countries.

McChord’s success with Datto brought him recognition and accolades. He was named to the Forbes 30 Under 30 list, and Datto was recognized as a top place to work by multiple publications.

In 2017, McChord stepped down as CEO of Datto but remained involved with the company as a board member. He continued to pursue his entrepreneurial endeavors and invest in various businesses.

McChord’s career and education have shaped him into a highly skilled and successful individual in the technology industry. His innovative thinking and business acumen have made a significant impact on the industry and have positioned him as a role model for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Austin Mcchord Salary | How Much Does Austin Mcchord Make

Austin McChord, the founder and former CEO of Datto, a leading provider of data backup and protection services, has a lucrative income. His annual salary is estimated to be in the millions, making him one of the highest-earning individuals in the tech industry.

On a monthly basis, Austin McChord’s earnings are likely to be in the range of hundreds of thousands of dollars. This substantial monthly income can be attributed to his successful career in the technology sector and the high demand for his expertise and leadership skills.

On a weekly basis, Austin McChord is estimated to earn tens of thousands of dollars. His wealth and income are sustained by his valuable contributions to the growth and success of Datto, which has garnered a significant market share in the data protection industry.

On a daily basis, Austin McChord’s earnings are likely to be in the thousands of dollars range. This impressive daily income can be attributed to the continued success of Datto under his leadership and the subsequent financial rewards that come with driving a company to new heights.

Austin McChord primarily earns his money through his ownership stake in Datto. As the company’s founder, he has accumulated significant equity and is therefore entitled to a substantial share of the company’s profits. Additionally, with Datto being a highly successful and widely recognized brand in the tech industry, Austin McChord’s net worth is further supplemented by investments, partnerships, and endorsements.

Overall, Austin McChord’s main source of earning is his ownership stake in Datto, alongside other income streams resulting from his contributions and achievements in the tech industry.

Relationships, Family Members, & Kids

Austin McChord, the founder and former CEO of Datto, is known for his entrepreneurial spirit and innovative mindset. While much of his life is focused on his professional endeavors, he also values his relationships and family. Austin maintains a close bond with his loved ones and enjoys spending quality time with them whenever possible.

When it comes to Austin’s relationship status, he prefers to keep his personal life private. As of now, it is not publicly known whether he is dating someone or in a committed relationship. Austin’s primary focus has been on his career and building a successful company.

Austin McChord has always been a family-oriented individual. Although not much is known about his specific family members, Austin cherishes their importance in his life. Whether it’s celebrating milestones or simply enjoying each other’s company, family remains a significant part of Austin’s support system.

As of now, there is no information available about Austin McChord having any kids. It’s worth noting that Austin’s personal life has been relatively private, so any details regarding his family or children may not be widely known or publicly disclosed.

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