Can I Pick up a Package from USPS Before Delivery?

There are some questions that most people usually ask. For example, can I pick up a package from USPS before delivery? Or how can I intercept a delivery? Well, we are here to answer a lot of these questions and more in this article.

How to deliver a parcel via USPS?

USPS shipping always departs from the seller and transports the package to the local post office or mailbox. Large companies like Amazon and eBay do this every day. This is because small businesses and individual sellers only do it once or twice a week. The mail carrier then collects the packages along with all the other boxes. It is then taken to a postal sorting facility. With these structures, the machine automatically classifies the shape and position of all packages. It also sorts them in a specific way so that the device can read the addresses automatically. Once the necessary parcel sorting process is complete. They will be sent to another machine, and sorting is done to the correct destination. Domestic cargo then takes a truck to the correct location and delivery by a local mail carrier. International parcels still have a long way to go. As it first passes through customs and then is airborne to the destination country. Where customs in the destination country recheck the luggage. This is the main reason why international parcels take longer than domestic packages.

USPS Expected Delivery Changes During Pandemic [COVID-19]

USPS products and packages may take longer to deliver. Due to limited shipping availability due to the continuing impact of COVID-19. Delivery of Priority Mail products. And First-Class parcels of postal services may take some time for quick delivery due to limited transportation due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

How does this affect USPS Priority Mail delivery?

Priority Mail’s two and 3-day service contracts will have an extension to 3 and 4 days, respectively. Customers will continue to receive improved product traceability and free insurance up to $ 50.

Will USPS First Class Mail have a delay?

There is no impact on first-class letters or apartments. However, the two and 3-day First-Class Package Service SLAs will have an extension to 3 and 4 days, respectively.

Is the mail still going to another country?

The Global Express Guaranteed service has also changed. For a complete list of international and national updates, visit

USPS tracking

Every time you send a package. The post office staff will assign a number to the order, called the USPS tracking number. Also called label or product number. The USPS tracking number is usually 22 digits. The number of bits may vary depending on the service used. Similarly, different USPS services actually have different types of tracking numbers. Besides, to track your boxes or mail, actually, enter your USPS tracking number in the field.

Tracking USPS shipments is easy

Simply use your shipping confirmation mail. Or shipping reference number to fill in the tracking field above on the online store order page. Does the USPS say that there is no tracking information available? If the status is not functional. Or the data has not changed since the last time you viewed it. Please regularly check as the information will be updated periodically throughout the day. Whether you are receiving luggage or unloading it, you can use this tool to track your luggage status. All mails that USPS collects are sent to 250 sortings, processing, and shipping centers. Each center is responsible for sorting mail within a specific area. Usually within a radius of about 320 kilometers or 200 miles. Each center has a connection to the USPS national network. Mail is usually a classification using automation systems. But physical inspection and classification may be required if the system cannot determine the address. All mail has barcodes, which determine the mail destination as it passes through the USPS system. USPS tracking provides the status and label or receipt number of packages and other goods. Items for Priority Mail Express include point-by-point tracking details. But mail and packages sent by other services are only visible when the item is on delivery. Marking services include certified mail, cash on delivery, global express guarantee. International priority mail express, international priority mail express. International priority mail, priority mail, registered mail, and signature confirmation.

How to track USPS packages?

There are several ways to access And use tracking portals such as to track USPS software packages via phone, e-mail, or text. However, you usually choose to go directly to for domestic mailing/parcels or use for international properties. You can actually check the project’s latest status by entering the project’s tracking number on the USPS tracking website. Depending on the status, source, destination, category, and service of the article, you may be able to take different actions. You can find the project’s tracking history and view the types of services and features related to it. You can request product e-mail, SMS, or delivery confirmation e-mail. If no one can accept it, you can also put the instructions in the postman’s mailbox. If you don’t actually want to enter a long USPS tracking number manually. You can choose to track USPS packages over the phone. You must dial the following phone number 1-800-222-1811. Dial this number, and a customer service representative will help you find your mail. You only need to provide them with your tracking number. And they will provide you with the latest updates about the shipment.

How does the USPS Tracking work?

Trackable item tags go through scanning multiple times in the mainstream. Regardless of whether we own it or are one of our shipping partners. You can start tracking as long as the product’s sender. Or your shipping partner has electronically notified you that you need to send the package. The USPS will continue to accept shipping packages and will terminate when the recipient. Or the recipient’s agent delivers or collects the goods. Throughout the process, you can access this tracking information in various ways. Through the USPS tracking number which matches your project.

USPS Package Interception

USPS provides this service, called “USPS Packaging Intercept.” This service allows users to redirect country/region delivery to a new address or sender address. This service is only applicable if the package is not out for delivery. Applies to packages with tracking bars, letters, apartments, and all mail types, except for standard and regular mail.

How does USPS parcel interception work?

Before intercepting or redirecting packets, it is essential to understand how the packages work. Read the following information about the working process of packet interception: First, you need to ensure that the interception works. If the item has not actually been delivered. Or has is not out for delivery, you can request the USPS package interception service. Otherwise, you will not be able to ask. If you are eligible, please log in to your account and submit your application online. If you succeed with the submission successfully, you will get the estimated total (estimated transportation and interception costs). Then, the USPS tries to intercept and redirect the load. You will have to pay but only after the package interception is successful. Otherwise, there will be no charges. After the package has actually had an interception, your credit card will be available with the package interception fee. And shipping fee of $13.45, which is non-refundable. As mentioned above, the packet interception service allows you to redirect mails. Or the boxes to the actual new address or back to the sender’s address. You can also save the receipt at the local post office.

How to intercept or redirect packets

Please follow the steps below to intercept the package, redirect to a new address, or restore your address.
  • Go to
  • Move the cursor to “Monitoring and Management”, and then click “Intercept Packets”
  • Display the homepage ( Enter your tracking number to see if your shipment is in this service.
  • If you are eligible, please log in to your account. And submit a request to block the package, redirect to a new address or return to your address. You can also pack your luggage at the post office.
  • All the blocking on items will have a redirection to the new priority mail. Except for the original sender’s mail sent using Priority Mail Express, Priority Mail, or first-class mail services. You will need to pay the applicable priority mail shipping fee.
  • After successfully intercepting your package, a package refund. And shipping fee of $13.45 will be deducted from your credit card, which is non-refundable.


If you find that the package has not had a delivery, then you can go to the USPS tracking website. Then Find the mailing category by entering your USPS tracking number and searching for “Product Information.” Then compare the e-mail categories. And progress with the contents of the Mail Delivery Standards table under Post and Delayed Packages? The standard shipping table shows when the item needs to be delivered. And recommended that you contact customer service by e-mail or phone regarding the item. Besides, if the product status is “Warning,” it may be delayed due to natural disasters, weather disasters, disasters, etc. In this case, check the USPS service notification first.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Question

You can pick up your package at USPS before delivery but for a different area, you need to contact your local post office. Most of the time, the package is delivered by USPS before the scheduled delivery time. The customers can pick their package before the scheduled delivery time if they have the valid reason for doing so.


All 50 states support a USPS Saturday delivery, but the delivery of letters, flats, and packages is not available in all areas on Saturdays. … Due to increased package volume, we are expanding the types of packages that will be delivered on Saturdays.

Yes, USPS delivers on Sunday. Though USPS delivers on Sundays, the delivery is subject to the service or mail class in use. Priority Mail & Priority Mail Express items might be delivered on Sundays. However, the delivery of a first-class mail, media mail products, and standard post isn’t specified.

Sign into the app and tap a package to view the details. If your package is eligible for Signature Confirmation™, you’ll see this message under the package status: “Signature Confirmation™ requested.”

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