Can You Drop off Packages at Usps After Hours

Yes, you can drop off packages at usps after hours using their self-service kiosks. These kiosks are available at various usps locations, where customers can buy postage, print shipping labels, and drop off packages 24/7, even when the post office is closed.

Usps self-service kiosks accept debit and credit cards, cash, and usps gift cards. With the advancement of technology, shipping packages has never been easier. However, it’s common to be in a rush and not have enough time during the post office’s operating hours to drop off packages.

The good news is that usps has self-service kiosks installed in several locations all over the country to ease the burden for people who cannot come during the day. These kiosks allow customers to easily weigh their package, pay for postage, print shipping labels, and leave their packages for pickup, even after post office hours. In this article, we’ll go over everything you need to know about dropping off packages at usps after hours.

Can You Drop off Packages at Usps After Hours


Understanding The Usps Drop Off Policies

Usps has set certain policies for package drop-offs. Knowing these can save you from unwanted surprises. The acceptable drop off hours vary depending on the post office location. Some open 24/7 while some have different schedules. Dropping off your package after hours can lead to it being undelivered or lost.

Therefore, it’s better to drop it during the accepted hours. Also, make sure you follow the packaging guidelines and select the right postage. It’s advisable to track your package and keep the receipt for future reference. Keeping all these in mind can make your package drop-off experience with usps hassle-free.

Alternatives To Dropping Off Packages After Hours

Many people wonder if they can drop off packages at usps after hours. Fortunately, there are several alternatives to dropping off packages after hours, including scheduled pickups, self-service kiosks, and usps drop boxes. Scheduled pickups allow you to schedule a convenient time for a mail carrier to come to your location and pick up your package.

Self-service kiosks are available 24/7 and allow you to purchase postage, print shipping labels, and drop off your package. Usps drop boxes are also available 24/7 and offer a convenient way to drop off packages without having to interact with a postal employee.

These alternatives give you more flexibility and convenience when it comes to shipping your packages with usps.

Tips For Efficient Package Drop Off

When dropping off packages at usps after hours, it is important to prepare your packages correctly. To ensure an efficient drop off, labels must be properly affixed with all necessary information clearly visible. Tracking information should be generated before arriving at the drop off site to cut down on processing time.

When labeling the package, include both sender and recipient addresses. After drop off, tracking options can be monitored using the package tracking number. By following these tips, you can ensure a successful package drop off at usps, even outside regular business hours.

Frequently Asked Questions For Can You Drop Off Packages At Usps After Hours

Can I Drop Off Packages At Usps After Hours?

Yes! Most usps locations have drop boxes available 24/7 for package drop-offs.

What Is The Latest Time To Drop Off A Package At Usps?

The latest time to drop off a package at usps depends on the location. However, most post offices have specific cut-off times, sometimes as late as 8-9 pm.

Is Usps Pickup Service Available After Hours?

No, usps pickup service is not available after hours. Postal carriers typically pick up mail and packages during regular business hours.

Can You Schedule A Package Pickup After Hours?

Unfortunately, you cannot schedule a package pickup after hours. Pickup schedules are typically available during regular business hours only.

Does Usps Notify You When Your Package Is Dropped Off After Hours?

No, usps does not notify you when your package is dropped off after hours. You will receive a notification once your package is scanned and processed by usps workers during regular business hours.

What Happens If I Drop Off A Package At Usps After Hours?

If you drop off a package at usps after hours, it will not be processed until the next business day. Usps workers will collect it from the drop box and scan it into their system.


As a busy person, you might be wondering whether you can drop off packages at usps after hours. The answer is yes, depending on the location you visit and its services. Some post offices offer 24-hour access through self-service kiosks, which are convenient and easy to use.

Additionally, usps offers a range of services online that can save you time and money, such as printing postage labels and scheduling package pick-ups. Don’t forget to check the weight and size restrictions for your package before posting to ensure it meets usps guidelines.

With the ability to drop off packages after hours and access usps services online, sending packages has never been easier or more convenient. Whether you’re sending a last-minute gift or important documents, usps has got you covered. So, drop off your packages with peace of mind and let usps handle the rest!

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