Can You Mail Cigarettes Usps

No, it is illegal to mail cigarettes via usps. Mailing cigarettes through the united states postal service (usps) is illegal.

Cigarette smoking in the united states is subject to federal and state laws that regulate its distribution and sale. The prevent all cigarette trafficking (pact) act, which became effective on june 29, 2010, now restricts the shipping of cigarettes and smokeless tobacco products to consumers in the us.

This prohibition is applicable to all shipments, including those sent via priority mail, first-class mail, and express mail. Moreover, if caught, you could be subject to penalties or even imprisonment. Therefore, it is recommended to abstain from shipping cigarettes via usps to avoid any legal issues.

Can You Mail Cigarettes Usps


Usps Regulations For Mailing Cigarettes

Mailing cigarettes through usps comes with strict regulations. The usps policies regarding cigarettes prohibit the mailing of tobacco products via mail. Usps ensures this ban to prevent illegal activities and protect public health. Any violation of their policies attracts serious consequences that can include civil fines and even imprisonment.

One of the most common mistakes people make when mailing cigarettes is failing to comply with age restrictions. The usps requires that the sender and the recipient should be over 21 years old. To avoid legal trouble, it’s essential to understand and adhere to all the regulations and guidelines provided by usps.

Alternatives To Usps For Mailing Cigarettes

Mailing cigarettes through usps is prohibited, however, there are alternatives available. Fedex, ups, and dhl have policies that prohibit the shipment of cigarettes. However, private shipping services can ship cigarettes under certain conditions. These private services require age verification and do not ship to states with stricter tobacco laws.

While it may be tempting to mail cigarettes, it is important to follow the guidelines and laws set forth by shipping companies and government entities. There are various risks associated with mailing cigarettes, such as potential legal consequences and financial loss.

Choose a reliable and trustworthy private shipping service to ensure safe delivery.

Risks Involved In Mailing Cigarettes

Mailing cigarettes via usps is illegal and poses some potential risks for the sender. If you get caught, you could face legal consequences, including fines and imprisonment. Cigarette mailing is also associated with health risks as tobacco products cause serious health damage.

Moreover, the usps has the right to confiscate or forfeit any packages containing cigarettes, and you may not receive your expected shipment. Be aware that usps is strictly enforcing this law, and sending cigarettes via mail is against federal regulations.

It is wise to avoid shipping them through mail and instead find alternative means to obtain them. Remember, usps can identify and flag cigarette packages quickly, and it’s not worth risking legal action over.

Protecting Against Legal Consequences

Mailing cigarettes via usps can have legal consequences. Mitigate risk by familiarizing yourself with legal strategies. These include ensuring age verification and shipping only within the same state. Furthermore, make sure you are following all federal and state tax laws.

Check state-specific regulations for additional requirements like labeling and packaging. As for the actual process of mailing, use sturdy, crush-proof packaging and comply with all usps guidelines. Lying about the contents of the package is illegal and could result in severe consequences.

One way to legally send cigarettes is to work with a licensed retailer who can direct ship on your behalf. Ultimately, proper education and adherence to the law can protect against legal repercussions when sending cigarettes through usps.

Frequently Asked Questions On Can You Mail Cigarettes Usps

Is It Legal To Mail Cigarettes Through Usps?

No, it is not legal to mail cigarettes through usps. It is illegal to send any tobacco products through the mail, including cigarettes, cigars, or smokeless tobacco. Violators may be subject to fines and penalties.

Can I Send Cigarettes Through Ups Or Fedex?

No, ups and fedex also prohibit the shipment of cigarettes and other tobacco products. These companies do not allow the transportation of tobacco products, regardless of whether they are being mailed or shipped.

What Are The Consequences Of Mailing Cigarettes?

Mailing cigarettes is a federal offense and is punishable by fines and penalties. In addition, sending cigarettes through the mail can pose a serious safety risk, as they can easily catch fire and cause harm.

What Are My Options For Shipping Tobacco Products?

If you need to ship tobacco products, you may want to consider using a licensed tobacco retailer, as they are authorized to ship tobacco products via certain carriers. You may also be able to use a private courier service that specializes in the transportation of tobacco products.

Can I Bring Cigarettes On An Airplane?

Yes, you are generally allowed to bring cigarettes on an airplane for personal use. However, it is important to check the regulations of your airline carrier to ensure that you are in compliance with their policies. It is also illegal to sell cigarettes on a plane.


As you have read in this article, mailing cigarettes through usps is strictly prohibited. The law comes with severe consequences for individuals or businesses who violate the rules. Apart from potential jail time and fines, such violations can also harm the public’s well-being, as cigarettes can pose health risks when used excessively.

Therefore, it is essential to be aware of the usps’s regulations concerning mailing tobacco products and act accordingly. Smokers should also bear in mind that smoking cessation is the best option for a healthy life, and there are numerous alternatives available for those who wish to quit.

Following the law on mailing cigarettes is crucial, and it is the responsibility of all individuals and businesses to ensure that their actions comply with usps’s policies and regulations.

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