Can You Reroute a Usps Package

Yes, you can reroute a usps package before delivery. To reroute a package, you can use the usps package intercept service, which allows you to redirect your package to a different address or back to the sender.

Are you worried that you might have to go through the trouble of returning a package to the sender just because you entered the wrong address? Fear not because you can easily reroute a usps package before delivery. Say goodbye to the worry of lost or delayed packages with the help of usps package intercept service.

It is a reliable option that lets you redirect your package to a new address or even back to the sender. In this article, we will guide you through the entire process and provide you with information on how to reroute a package with ease.

Can You Reroute a Usps Package


Understanding The Usps Rerouting Policy

Usps rerouting policy can be helpful if you need to change the delivery location after sending a package. To use it, you must have a usps account and the package should fall within certain criteria. You can start the process through your account dashboard and request a new delivery location.

However, there are limitations to usps rerouting. For instance, rerouting is not available for all packages and delivery types, like those with certain insurance or if the package has already been delivered. Additionally, rerouting may not be available for certain routes and destinations, and fees may apply.

It is important to know and understand the limitations before attempting to reroute a package.

How To Request A Usps Package Reroute

To reroute a usps package, you can request a change in the delivery address. The standard procedure involves logging into your usps account, finding the package tracking number, and clicking on the ‘manage delivery’ option. From there, you can request a package reroute and select the new delivery address.

However, if you don’t have a usps account, or the package is already in transit, you have alternative options. You can either request a hold for pickup, forward the package to a different address, or intercept the package before delivery.

These options are available via the usps official website. Make sure to check if the package is eligible for rerouting before submitting a request, and keep in mind that additional fees may apply.

Common Usps Package Rerouting Scenarios

Rerouting a usps package can be a hassle, but it’s not an impossible task. If you’ve recently moved, you may need to reroute packages to your new address. For intrastate rerouting, simply submit a change of address form to your local post office or provide the new address to the sender.

For interstate rerouting, you have a few options. The easiest way is to visit the usps website and create an account. From there, you can manage your packages and update their destination. Another option is to call the usps customer service line and request rerouting.

Keep in mind that some packages may not be eligible for rerouting, so be sure to check with usps before making any changes.

How To Track Your Rerouted Usps Package

Usps offers a package tracking system that lets you reroute the delivery of your package. You can use this feature to track your package and redirect its delivery to a different address before it arrives. For monitoring a rerouted package, you can simply check the package’s tracking history.

You can also set up alerts to be notified of any package updates. It’s important to know that usps charges a fee for this service, so be prepared to pay. Overall, rerouting a usps package can be a simple process, thanks to the company’s advanced tracking technology.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Can You Reroute A Usps Package

Can I Reroute A Usps Package Online?

Yes, you can. You need to visit the usps website, provide the tracking number of the package, and pay the rerouting fee.

How Much Does Usps Charge For Package Rerouting?

Usps charges a fee of $14. 65 for package intercept service. Additional charges may apply based on the new destination.

Can I Reroute A Package That Is Out For Delivery?

No, you cannot reroute a package that is out for delivery. You can only reroute a package before the delivery process initiates.

What Happens If Usps Cannot Reroute My Package?

If the package has already been dispatched for delivery, the rerouting request may not go through. In such cases, usps will deliver the package to the original address.

Can Usps Reroute A Package Internationally?

No. Usps package intercept service is available only for domestic packages. Usps international package rerouting service is not available.


After reviewing the various methods available to reroute usps packages, it is apparent that there are several options to consider. Through the usps website, customers can submit a request to have their package rerouted to a different address or held at a nearby usps location for pick up.

Additionally, usps offers a premium forwarding service that can forward package deliveries to an individual’s temporary address for up to a year. Customers can also request a package intercept service that redirects packages prior to their delivery. Though these rerouting options may come with fees or restrictions, they can ultimately provide individuals with added convenience and security for important package deliveries.

Overall, with the help of usps customer service or an online account, customers have access to various rerouting options that can make package shipments more manageable and stress-free.

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