Does the Usps Charge for Redelivery

Yes, usps charges a fee for redelivery services. Intending to offer an undisturbed experience to customers, the usps charges a fee for redelivery requests made by addressees.

Redelivery services are crucial to usps customers who may not be physically present to receive their mail items. The usps allows customers to schedule a redelivery of packages, mail, and parcel services to avoid the loss of important documents and parcels.

The redelivery service ensures mail items are available at the recipient’s desired time and location. However, the usps charges a small fee for redelivery services, which varies depending on the package and service requested. Customers can get their redelivery fee waived by simply visiting the usps website and entering their tracking number for eligibility.

Does the Usps Charge for Redelivery


Understanding The Redelivery Process

Redelivery is a process that allows the usps to attempt delivery of a package or mail item to the intended recipient again. There are a number of reasons why a delivery may have failed, such as the recipient not being home or the address being incomplete or incorrect.

When this happens, the usps will usually leave a notice indicating that a redelivery attempt will be made. This notice will include instructions on how to request redelivery, which can typically be done online or by phone. The good news is that for the most part, the usps does not charge for redelivery, so there is no need to worry about additional fees.

However, there are some exceptions where a fee may be charged, such as for certain types of packages or if the recipient continually fails to be available for delivery attempts.

Redelivery Options And Charges

Redelivery is a practical solution for usps customers who miss their mail deliveries. Fortunately, redelivery options are available free of charge for customers who missed a delivery attempt only because they were not available at the time of delivery. However, for packages that require a signature, redelivery fees may apply depending on the package’s value.

Customers can reschedule redelivery online or via usps’ mobile app with no additional fees. Additionally, customers can opt to schedule redelivery in-person or over the phone but, it is important to note that these options may cost additional fees depending on the type of service used.

Therefore, usps customers have different redelivery charges based on the type of mail and services used and many options to try depending on their needs.

Usps Redelivery Policies

Usps redelivery policies depend on the type of mail being sent. For certified mail and priority mail express, the first redelivery attempt is free, but additional attempts may come with a fee. Other types of mail may require a fee for the first attempt as well.

A package can typically be redelivered multiple times, but if it cannot be successfully delivered after several attempts, it will be returned to the sender. It is important to provide accurate information when scheduling redelivery to avoid further delays in delivery.

Be sure to check the specific policies for the type of mail being sent to ensure timely and successful delivery.

Tips To Avoid Redelivery Charges

Redelivery charges can add up, but there are ways to prevent them. Firstly, ensuring successful delivery on the first attempt is essential. Customers should be available during delivery hours, and clear any obstacles to enable drivers to access their doorstep easily.

If they cannot be there during the delivery window, they can opt to pick it up at the post office. Tracking their delivery is also necessary. With online tracking, customers can make sure someone is available during the estimated delivery time.

Lastly, customers can sign up for text and email notifications for updates on the package status. By following these best practices, customers can avoid redelivery charges and ensure their packages arrive on time.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Does The Usps Charge For Redelivery

Does Usps Charge For Redelivery?

Yes, usps charges a fee of $2. 50 for redelivery of a mail item.

Can I Reschedule Usps Redelivery?

Yes, you can reschedule usps redelivery but it must be done by 2 am on the day of scheduled delivery. You can do it online or by phone.

Can Usps Redeliver The Same Day?

No, usps does not provide same-day redelivery service. However, you can pick up the mail from the post office the same day.

What Happens If Usps Redelivery Fails?

If usps redelivery fails, then the mail item is returned to the sender after 15 days. You can also request for mail forwarding by usps.

Can I Waive The Usps Redelivery Fee?

Yes, you can waive the usps redelivery fee by opting for “hold for pickup” service. You can pick up the mail item from the post office without paying any fee.

How Long Does Usps Hold A Package For Redelivery?

Usps holds a package for redelivery for up to 15 days. If you do not reschedule the delivery or pick it up within the timeframe, then it will be returned to the sender.


After in-depth research and analysis, we can conclude that the usps does not charge for redelivery if it is scheduled online and the carrier has not yet attempted to deliver the package. In cases where the redelivery request is made in person or by phone, the usps may charge a fee.

Customers can avoid these fees by scheduling redelivery online, through their usps account or by using the usps mobile app. Overall, it is recommended that customers schedule redelivery in advance to ensure a smooth delivery process and avoid any potential fees.

By taking advantage of the usps’s convenient online tools and services, customers can experience hassle-free package delivery and avoid any unnecessary charges. We hope that this information has been helpful in answering your questions about usps redelivery fees and encourages you to explore the various tools and resources available to make your usps experience as smooth and efficient as possible.

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