Does Ups Take Usps Packages

Yes, UPS does take USPS packages. To do so, customers must first purchase a Priority Mail Express label from the US Postal Service (USPS) and attach it to their package. Then they can drop off the package at any authorized UPS location or arrange for a pickup by calling 1-800-PICKUPS.

Customers should ensure that the label is visible on their package before handing it over to a UPS employee or placing it in a designated area within an authorized location. The USPS will then forward the package to its final destination through its network of delivery locations and services.

UPS does not take USPS packages for delivery. While both UPS and USPS are shipping services, they are separate companies that operate independently from one another. If you need to ship a package via USPS, it must be taken directly to the post office or dropped off at the appropriate USPS collection box.

Does Ups Take Usps Packages


What Happens If You Drop off a Usps Package at Ups?

If you drop off a USPS package at UPS, chances are it won’t be delivered to its intended destination. That’s because the two companies have different delivery systems and addresses, meaning that your package may get sent to the wrong place or not be processed at all. In some cases, if you take your package to a UPS store location, they can help you out by sending it on to the proper address via one of their own services.

However, this will often result in extra fees for both the sender and recipient in order to complete delivery. To ensure that your USPS packages arrive safely and securely without any additional hassle or cost, make sure that you always drop them off at an authorized USPS facility instead of other carriers like UPS!

Can I Drop off a Usps Package at Ups Reddit?

No, USPS and UPS are two separate companies that offer different services. USPS packages cannot be dropped off at a UPS store or office; however, you can drop off packages that have been pre-labeled with a USPS tracking label at participating The UPS Store locations. These locations will then forward the package to your nearest post office for delivery.

Additionally, some businesses contract with both companies and may accept shipments from either company on behalf of the other; in such cases it’s best to contact the business directly to inquire about their policies.

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Where Can I Drop off Prepaid Usps Packages

If you have a prepaid USPS package that needs to be dropped off, there are several options available. You can drop your package off at any post office location, or alternatively use one of the many USPS approved shipping centers found in most retail stores across the country. Additionally, if you’re looking for added convenience, you can also schedule a free pickup with USPS right from their website.


In conclusion, it is important to know that UPS does not take USPS packages. It is the responsibility of the sender to ensure that their package gets delivered on time and in good condition by using an appropriate delivery service. Furthermore, it pays to be aware of any possible fees associated with each carrier’s services so you can make an informed decision when determining which option works best for your needs.

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