Difference Between USPS First Class Package and Priority Mail

Have you ever thought about the differences between USPS first class vs priority? If not, we will guide you towards your right choice defining the core differences between these two common USPS shipping options.

The United States postal service, the USPS, provides two different shipping methods to deliver your package with great responsibility.

Before you go with one of the shipping options, you have to consider some factors. The cost of these shipping methods should be the first consideration and then the delivery timeline.

However, let’s find out the best shipping option for your next delivery by considering several factors.

USPS First Class Vs Priority: What Is the Main Difference?

Generally, you have to spend less money on first-class mail than priority mail. First-class mail is the best option to send lightweight parcels like letters or envelop. You will be able to send packages weighing less than 10 lbs through the first-class shipping service.

The first class is always better than any other mail shipping, like second, third, or fourth. Besides, first-class is affordable for most people. First-class is the easiest shipping option for any package transfer.

Additionally, second-class mail is the best for sending magazines, newspapers, and periodicals. On the other hand, the third class is best for sending flyers, marketing mail, and mailers. Lastly, the fourth-class mail is the best media mail, including vinyl records, books, DVDs, CDs, and other print media.

The priority mail is best for those who are engaged in the e-commerce business. The e-commerce business mainly looks for sending the parcel as soon as possible. The priority mail usually sends the mail faster than the first-class mail system. Priority mail allows sending any heavier packages, up to 70 lbs, to any destination.

You can choose the priority mail if you want to send your packages abroad. The priority mail dramatically reduces the time of shipping than first-class mail. So, it is a better option for international shipping. But as the priority serves faster delivery, it is expensive than a first-class shipping system.

Interestingly, you will find the similarity among priority mail to FedEx and UPS shipping services. From that viewpoint, first-class mail is more reasonable than a priority.


Service Estimate Transit Time
First Class Mail International No guaranteed time frame
Priority Mail International 6-10 days*
Priority Express International 3-5 days*

FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which one is faster between USPS First Class and Priority?

Though the shipping time depends on the shipping zone, comparing the first class and priority, it needs about two and three days to deliver any packages.

For international shipping, priority should be the first choice of any e-commerce business.

  • Is first class economic than priority mail?

The pricing of the shipping service depends on the weight, size, and destination of the packages. Different packages will cost different. Even then, as the priority mail ensures faster delivery, it costs more than first-class mail.

  • Will you get a tracking system on both first-class and priority?

Yes, both first-class and priority mail provide tracking updates till the delivery of the packages arrives at the destination. Even it includes the delivery date and time of the packages. If any delivery is missed by default, you can also get that information from this tracking system.

Final Thoughts

USPS First Class Vs Priority which you should choose; it is no more question. You have got enough information about the shipping options. Though the priority is costly, no other option could be better for international shipping.

However, choosing the right option depends on the purpose of the mailing. If you send any package to your friend, you can send it through a first-class mailing system. But wherever you send any commercial mail, you have to choose priority mail for fast shipping.

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