How to Call in Sick Usps Online

To call in sick usps online, log in to the liteblue portal and follow the steps for requesting leave. As a united states postal service (usps) employee, there may be times when you need to call in sick.

This could be due to illness, injury, or other personal reasons. While you can always call your supervisor or manager to advise them, usps also offers an online option to request sick leave. This article will guide you on how to call in sick usps online through the liteblue portal, a platform that allows usps employees to manage their work-related information.

Learn how to use the sick leave function on liteblue and ensure that your absence is properly documented. With liteblue, you can easily submit the request and focus on taking care of your health.

How to Call in Sick Usps Online


Why Calling In Sick Is Important

Call in sick when you feel unwell. It is crucial to take time off work to avoid risking colleagues’ health. If you work for the us postal service, know that usps has policies regarding sick leave. The company expects you to stay home if you are sick to avoid spreading the illness.

If you come to work feeling unwell, it can impact the company‚Äôs workforce. Remember, taking a day off means resting and recovering, which is necessary for your well-being. At times, you may worry about work piling up while you’re away, but your colleagues or managers may assist with it.

Prioritize your health and rest when necessary to avoid further complications.

How To Call In Sick Usps Online

Usps employees can call in sick online using liteblue’s sick leave request form. This option allows workers to avoid phone calls and communicate directly with supervisors. To use the form, employees should login to their liteblue account, select the “request unscheduled leave” link, and fill out details about their absence.

To ensure that the request is approved, workers should notify their supervisor as soon as possible and provide documentation if required. If the request is denied, employees can follow up with their supervisor to find out why and explore other options.

By using this easy online method, usps workers can stay on top of their sick days without interrupting their workflow.

Common Questions And Concerns

Calling in sick at usps can be overwhelming, but knowledge of frequently asked questions can help. Many employees hesitate to use sick leave due to common concerns about consequences. Not calling in sick properly can lead to disciplinary action. Employees should use the “leave and earnings statement” for hours available.

If the employee has run out of sick leave, they may be eligible for a leave-sharing program. It’s essential to inform the supervisor before or immediately after the shift. Details of illness aren’t necessary. Employees can use “sick leave for family care and bereavement” for specific situations.

Following usps policies and calling in sick efficiently can ensure a smooth process.

Tips For Staying Healthy And Avoiding Sick Leave

Staying healthy and avoiding sick leave is vital when working for usps. Prioritize your wellness by getting enough sleep, eating nutritious foods, and exercising regularly. Mental health is also important, as it impacts sick leave. To maintain strong mental health, try reducing stress and seeking support from friends or family.

Minimizing sick days begins with personal hygiene, like washing your hands and using sanitizers. Additionally, avoid close contact with sick coworkers and stay home when you’re feeling unwell. By following these simple suggestions, you can reduce your chances of getting sick and miss fewer days of work.

Frequently Asked Questions Of How To Call In Sick Usps Online

How Can I Call In Sick To Usps Online?

You can call in sick to usps online by accessing the liteblue website and reporting your absence through the employee self service (ess) feature.

Can I Call In Sick To Usps By Phone?

Yes, you can call in sick to usps by phone by contacting the usps national human resources shared services (hrssc) at 877-477-3273.

How Many Sick Days Do Usps Employees Get?

Full-time usps employees earn four hours of sick leave for every 80 hours worked, or 13 days per year. Part-time employees earn sick leave on a prorated basis.

Do I Need A Doctor’S Note To Call In Sick To Usps?

No, for absences of three days or less, a supervisor may require only a verbal or written self-certification. For absences of more than three days, a medical certificate may be necessary.

Can I Be Fired For Calling In Sick To Usps?

No, you cannot be fired for calling in sick to usps. However, excessive absenteeism, even for medical reasons, can lead to disciplinary action.


It is important to understand how to effectively call in sick with usps online. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can easily report your absence without any inconvenience. Be sure to provide accurate and honest information, and use proper communication channels to inform your supervisor or leave technician.

Make sure to notify them in a timely manner to avoid any unnecessary stress or confusion for both you and the company. Additionally, it may be useful to familiarize yourself with usps’s sick leave policies and the duration of absences that are permitted.

Remember, taking care of yourself is essential in maintaining your overall health and well-being, so don’t hesitate to take advantage of sick leave when necessary.

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