Is The Post Office Open on Sunday?

USPS is one of the most reliable sources of postal services. Yes, it benefits individuals and entrepreneurs living in the United States. If you want to send packages quickly and safely at a reasonable price, the US Postal Service is your best choice.

If packages and emails are important and you want to deliver them quickly, then every day is important. You need to know that USPS will send emails and packages through standard email courses and services from Monday to Saturday, but is the post office open on Sunday?

If you want to know “Your email arrives on Sunday?”, please read the text below.

Will the USPS ship on Sunday?

Yes, USPS will deliver packages and mail on Sunday. The United States Postal Service always delivers packages and mail on Sundays, but in the next paragraph, you need to know some information about Sunday delivery.

USPS delivery on Sunday:

USPS runs on Sundays and delivers customer emails and packages, but only sends Priority Mail Express and Amazon packages on Sundays. This is due to a negotiated service agreement (NSA) with Amazon Fulfillment Inc.

In 2013. Amazon started using USPS services to provide its products, from gardening tools to clothing. The program started in the metropolitan areas of Los Angeles and New York, but a few months later, it began to provide packages to many cities. Currently, USPS provides Amazon parcels to almost every major city.

Remind you again that USPS only provides two types of packages on Sundays:

  • Priority Mail Express service package
  • Amazon Package

Only Amazon Prime members can receive their packages on Sunday through USPS Sunday Delivery. Amazon Non-Prime customers must wait until the next business day to deliver the package.

In some cases, even non-primary customers will receive the package on Sunday. Amazon employs private couriers to deliver packages. These companies can deliver packages on Sunday. However, Amazon Prime members can expect to order before Friday and receive it on weekends, Saturdays, or Sundays. For more information, see our article on Amazon Sunday Delivery.

If you want to use Priority Mail Express, it is a very reliable service. This is the fastest delivery service provided by USPS. We also provide free home and office pick-up and drop-off services, starting at $25.50 online at the post office.

Priority Mail Express products can also be delivered during USPS holidays. If you want to learn more about this service, please read the Priority Mail Express article on the USPS official website.

Is the post office open on Sunday?

The short answer is No, actually, the post office is not open on Sundays (there are some exceptions, see exceptions below).

USPS only “delivers” on Sundays, but all post offices are not open on Sundays. There was no help from any USPS staff on this day. Most post offices have delivery slots in which can place mail, and post offices can process or deliver mail.

Cost-saving is the main reason why the post office closes delivery on Sundays. Keeping the post office open even on Sundays can be very expensive. Therefore, the post office wants to stop sending on Saturday, just like stopping sending mail on Sunday.


some post offices are also open on the Sunday before Christmas. USPS has a commitment to providing a large number of emails during the New Year and New Year holidays. Every year, some of the larger post offices are open 2-4 Sundays before Christmas.

Therefore, if you want to know which post office is open to shipping your goods on Sunday before Christmas, you should contact the nearest post office to see if it is that one. ..

Some post offices in other retail stores (such as Staples) are open on Sundays. According to the plan, USPS has most post offices in other retail stores. Staples is one of these retailers. Some of the in-store post offices are open 24 hours a day, including Sundays. For them, Sunday delivery at the post office is normal.

Post office Sunday working hours:

If you want to know the opening hours of the post office on Sunday, then you would either visit your local post office during the week and there should be a sign posted or check online at the post office website. Most post offices are also open on Sundays before Christmas. Therefore, you can see some working hours of these post offices:

Sunday USPS Delivery:

If you want to know the delivery or shipping time on Sunday, you need to know that the USPS will deliver Priority Mail Express items and Amazon packages on Sunday, as mentioned above.

All Priority Mail Express items are actually under a guarantee for delivery overnight by 10:30 am, but the point is that delivery times will vary depending on the volume and location of your email. Priority Mail Express customers will be able to see pick-up and delivery times at some post offices next Sunday.

USPS Working Hours Schedule

If physical facilities are not open, some post office services are available online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (including holidays). You can use your account to order postage stamps, print shipping labels, receive order boxes, and other shipments, and request a pickup.

Stamps are actually also available at many major supermarkets, drug stores, and office supply stores that operate on certain federal holidays.

Other major shipping companies have their own schedules and are partially or fully open during certain holidays. FedEx and UPS do not meet Veterans Day, services and stores will open on November 11.

During the coronavirus outbreak, the post office is an essential service, but the post office continues to operate on normal business days with social space.

Large traditional post offices are not open on Sundays, but the way packages are sent out on delivery on Sundays is different. The loophole is the postal dealer.

The post office itself is not open, but be aware that mail is actually on transit on Sunday. Therefore, it is best to send your luggage on Saturday or Sunday instead of waiting until Monday. Travel by interstate highway in the United States on weekends. If you see a heavy truck marked with Postal or U.S. Postal Service, your luggage is full.

Therefore, there is a way to ship packages on Sunday. You may need to drive some (or a lot), but the package will have a stamp one day in advance and the package will arrive one day earlier.


You just need to know that all post offices are not open on Sundays. Before Christmas, few post offices are open to deliver large amounts of holiday mail. If you want to view the list of these post offices, you need to visit the official USPS website before the holidays.

The USPS updates its list every year, so it would be beneficial and quick if you just jump on the site and check it out. This is actually the best way because you will have the current and most accurate information on the issue. Many USPS post offices are open on Sundays

If you ship your luggage from one of these stores on Sunday, it will be a stamp on that date.

Therefore, if you need to ship before a certain date and need to get a stamp, it may take an extra day to ship it to one of these stores on Sunday. Then, at the end of the work, a USPS truck will collect the day’s luggage and send it to the distribution center.

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