Label Created, Not Yet in System USPS

Did you check your package last time and get a confusing ‘label created, not yet in system’ package update?

Although it doesn’t appear to be the most detailed tracking status update, “Label Created Not yet in System” is one of the most anticipated updates. Be at ease, my friend. I’ve got your back. Read on to this article to find out more.

What Does it Mean When Your USPS Says Label Created, Not Yet in System?

Since the USPS started allowing its customers to create, customize, and print their mailing labels, this labeling system has become nearly universal.

If a new shipping label is created but isn’t scanned or uploaded yet into the courier company’s system, the update you’re going to get is ‘label created, not yet in the system.’

This kind of tracing info is most likely to be provided to the consumers by Individual small business owners, small e-commerce operators, and even medium-sized businesses that can have their dedicated shipping facilities.

Even though this can happen, it’s still not a day-to-day problem for organizations like USPS, FedEx, and UPS. They generally scan their parcel tracking information the moment it is created.

So, we can simply say that this tracking update indicates that the label has been created by the sender, but the USPS hasn’t received the mail piece.

Why is There a Label Created But Not Yet in the System?

There can be a few reasons for the shipping label to be created but has not been obtained or sent to a courier agency like USPS. While your shipping individual or vendor may have created a label, the package or parcel has not been sent to the US Postal Service (USPS).

Even others like the USPS(FedEx, UPS), now having several online platforms, allow their clients to create their shipment label before the shipment is sent to your local postal facility.

These shipments will start with tracking updates like ‘Label Created, Not Yet in System’ because the labels are created way before the hand-over of product package to courier provider to deliver. Thus the courier can’t scan those labels.

Sometimes even after the mail shipment starts its journey, the tracking status update can show wrong. It can happen because the staff at the courier service take time to scan newly created labels into their system.

Even after a product has already been scanned and collected by a shipping service, the tracking system and database might be a little behind, resulting in this notice.

What to Do if Tracking Info Hasn’t Update for Days?

Don’t get too worked up because your tracking status has been ‘Label Created, Not Yet in System’ for a few days. It’s not uncommon for such an update to be the first in the chain, particularly if a label was created over the weekend.

Most small-time business and individual shippers try to “Batch Ship” their orders at once to be cost and energy-efficient. Because of this, even though the labels are created individually, label attached shipments are on hold for a certain period, like once a week or less.

This is why your status update for shipment can stay the same for a few days.

Now think if it’s been a week or over, but all your tracking update still shows the label was produced, but the information isn’t in the system yet, it might be time to contact the shipping firm. You’ll also want to contact the individuals in charge of producing the shipping information and sending your product in the mail.

That way, you’ll at least get a clarification on what’s going on.

How to Know if Your Package is on the Way

When the update changes from “Label Created Not Yet in System” to something – absolutely anything – else, you’ll know your package is on the move.

The following message you’ll see most of the time is “Shipment Received,” however, your package may pass right past that tracking update and can display “In Transit” or “Processed Through Facility.”

Nonetheless, you can be confident that your box is on its way to its final destination as soon as you notice a new message from the original “Label Created Not Yet in System.”

Only if there is a new action with the mail a fresh update is made to that tracking update. And that is only possible when the shipping company receives your package, and the info is put into the system.

Where can you find your tracking info?

You can find your tracking number in the following locations.:

  • Parcel receipt of the shipment
  • Sales receipt of your shipment insurance(if you purchased any)
  • Email confirmation number or slip number for online shipment order
  • The confirmation email from your online merchandiser
  • Base peel-off part of USPS Tracking slip or tag

Believe me, I know just how annoying it can be when you see tracking status updates like “Label Created Not Yet In System,” which are everything but crystal clear and concretely defined.


Here we tried to break down exactly what to expect from your package, giving you the “Label Created Not Yet in System” status update. We also tried to explain just what status update implies, what you can do from your end, and how you can use this info to predict better when your delivery will arrive.

Fortunately, you won’t need a bang your head up to interpret the status update if you can adequately utilize the insider knowledge provided in this Article.

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