Lost Tracking Number

If God forbid, you have a ¬†lost USPS tracking number, then don’t despair because there are some practical ways to handle this situation.

The US Post Office has post offices nationwide. The company follows strict policies regarding weight, size, and package tracking. Almost everyone in this country likes to use the USPS for residential purposes. However, considering the business benefits, UPS (United Parcel Service) is recommended. The United States Postal Service adheres to that policy, ensuring complete customer safety. But before you can determine what the USPS lost tracking number is, you need to know what the USPS tracking number is and why you use it.

What is a USPS tracking number?

USPS is a massive company with thousands of post offices nationwide. People all over the United States send and receive packages from the USPS and sometimes encounter failures.

Perhaps a late delivery date will make you uncomfortable, and you will want to check the package’s condition. Your girlfriend was back home waiting for a Christmas jersey, and the box was delayed.

You will want to know the status of delivery via USPS automatically. To understand the current shipping status of a package, you need to see the tracking number.

The tracking number can be found on all USPS shipments listed on the mail receipt. When you submit the package, the number will also appear in the mail you receive. However, if you don’t have access to the tracking number, you will not see the delivery status.

What is the Lost USPS Tracking Number?

Now you may be here for two reasons. First, the USPS team may have lost the tracking number for the package. In this case, the USPS has no public records in the first place, so we guarantee that your tracking number will not be lost. However, you will need a tracking number to check the delivery status.

According to the official USPS website, the USPS Post Office does not have a public record of the parcel tracking number. That is, you cannot identify the tracking number by name and package.

Next is the second reason. You may actually not be able to access your tracking number because you lost your mail and mail receipts. My friend may have a problem.

Tracking Status

Tracking the status of packages that do not have a tracking number in the USPS: Therefore, you may want to know how to track a USPS package’s position without a tracking number. Well, the simple answer is that you can’t.

Unless there is a way to recover the confirmation mail from the USPS or find the lost mail receipt, there is no other way. The USPS Postal Service does not keep transaction records. The only record is the mail receipt issued to you.

If you think about it, this may require changes to the system. We are living in 2020, and facing such issues should not be a problem. On the contrary, this has caused inconvenience to your dependents.

What is the solution to losing the USPS tracking number?

The solution is to wait for a USPS employee to place an order. It can take up to 10-20 days for your order to arrive at your destination. If you make a mistake or return an order, the standard waiting time must be elapsed before you can perform the new procedure.

You can contact the USPS Post Office again after the required time has passed. This time, the USPS Post Office may get information about your order. The USPS is unlikely to lose a package, so that it may put it back in place.

How to find the lost tracking number of the USPS?

This solution is intended for users who have access to the mails they receive or confirm when they ship.

The first step is to confirm receipt of the mail you received at the post office. You should be able to find the missing tracking number on this receipt.

Suppose you can’t find it on your receipt, but your ticket is over $ 50. In this case, you need to prepare another insurance policy.

You can find your USPS lost tracking number on your insurance policy.

Another option is to use the confirmation mail from USPS.com to find the tracking number.

If you purchased from an online store and used USPS to ship your product, you will also need to receive a confirmation mail from that store.

If you purchased an item from the online store and still can’t find the confirmation mail, please contact the store and provide them with your tracking number.

Contact USPS

If you still cannot find the tracking number or suspect an error, please contact the USPS Helpline. They will probably solve your problem.

Please enter your tracking number as soon as you receive it to avoid future troubles. Besides, you can take a picture of the receipt on your phone. It’s straightforward.

If you still can’t find the package after reading all the possible content in the entire article, you may be out of luck with your old system. You can also try one thing. You should also explain all the package details to your sales representative/clerk to increase your chances of finding the package.

Finally, when you’re done with all your wishes, call the USPS Customer Support Office. They may be able to find that jersey package for your girlfriend. Even if they can’t find your package, it’s worth a try. You will also need to write down the tracking number next time.


The US Post Office is a respected organization that sends and receives mail daily. The USPS has been fielding many people asking how to track packages without tracking numbers. I hope this article answers your question on what to do if you lose your USPS tracking number?

Generally, your local post office or the same post office where you sent the package can easily track the parcel for you. Similarly, remember that they may ask you to provide information about the recipient’s date, time, and address. If the post office cannot find your parcel and ensures your mail, you can lay a claim.

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