USPS Tracking Status Meanings

If you want to understand some of the ways USPS tracks and offers status messages. Then you have come to the right place. So What is the USPS Tracking Status Meanings as part of the USPS monitoring status?

According to the USPS website, the following lists the most common USPS tracking status and its meaning. You can also check the tracking status of USPS shipments in the following locations: USPS tracking and confirmation

If the status does not change after delivery, the package may be in the mail before the postmark date.

A date label is fine, but please note that if you postdate the label, send the package to USPS. And put it in the mail stream before the label date, the tracking will be inaccurate.

Electronic Shipping Info Received

This scan shows that the sender has notified the post office of their intention. To submit the item for processing and delivery.

After purchasing the USPS service, including delivery confirmation from some online retailers. The status will be sent to USPS every night at 9:00 PM PST.

Before submitting your tracking information, the tracking page may display “Not Found.” This is expected. After the information comes out, the tracking page may display “Before Shipping” and “Labeling” times.

The USPS SCAN module will begin updating this status as soon as possible.

Package has been Accepted

The scan showed that the post office employee received the mail at the post office. And/or the courier received the mail at the customer’s residence/office.

The package has Processed Through Sort Facility

The scan shows that the item was in processing through a postal service processing facility. And is complete at this stage. The item is currently shipping to its destination. 

USPS Tracking Status Meanings  – The Package is in Transit.

This scan has several meanings:

  • Firstly, in transport: arriving at the sorting facility
  • Secondly, in transit: leaving the sorting facility
  • For these packages, tracking conducted on the USPS website will indicate when the box is in transit. And arrive before the delivery date marked “Shipping on Time.”
  • If the package’s delivery time is later than expected, you will see the following message: “In transit, late.”

Arrival at Unit

This scan shows that the item was run in the final postal service where the item is on delivery.


Scans show that the item is with the courier for delivery to its final destination. Or is in the customer’s mailbox.


The scan shows that the final recipient has picked up the item or delivered to the final recipient. The delivery confirmation email can be set up to automatically notify you. And your customers that your order has been dispatched. Please see the details of the delivery confirmation email.


The scan showed that the tracking could not be identified correctly. Learn more about this monitoring status.


This scan shows that the item is now forwarding to another address. This is due to incorrect forwarding procedures or incorrect item addresses or postal codes.

Processing Complete

Once processed and scanned, the “Confirm Delivery,” “Confirm Signature,”. And “Fast Mail” services will tell you that the item has arrived at the post office and has been delivered.

Notice Left

The scan shows that the post office is ready to receive mail. If there is no charge after a certain number of days. It will soon be returning to the sender. or is available for pickup


The scan shows that the item was rejected by the recipient at the final shipping address. And is returning to the sender.


The delivery attempt-delivery location is unavailable. This USPS package tracking notification indicates that delivery is out. But is not complete because the employee cannot access the delivery location (for example).


Tracking USPS shipments is easy. Understand how packages in transit are transferring from one place to another and the USPS international tracking system. If you’re shipping from the United States and are looking for affordable domestic and global solutions. Postal solutions like USPS are a viable option for many small businesses. With the USPS tracking option, many are considering this solution.

However, when it comes to USPS parcel tracking, some countries’ national tracking status can be “mysterious.”

Some people have confusion about the frequency and quality of USPS monitoring, especially when shipping overseas. For example, login tracking information can be useful when shipping from the United States to China.

This article describes where you can track your USPS packages. What you can get from the tracking service, the delivery status that can occur.

What you need to do if you lose USPS tracking, and what you need to do.

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