Usps North Houston Tx Distribution Center

The United States Postal Service (USPS) North Houston TX Distribution Center is located at 5309 Aldine Bender Rd, Houston, TX 77039. This facility serves as a distribution and sorting hub for mail headed to the greater Houston metropolitan area. It has been in operation since 1988 and processes around 4 million pieces of mail each day.

Some services provided at this location are: bulk mail acceptance, delivery confirmation/electronic return receipt, express mail open/distribute, international mailing services, package pickup service and post office box rentals. The USPS North Houston TX Distribution Center is open Monday through Friday from 8am-5pm with limited Saturday hours during peak times of the year such as Christmas and tax season.

The United States Postal Service (USPS) North Houston Tx Distribution Center is one of the most efficient and reliable distribution centers in the area. Located just outside of downtown Houston, this facility provides quick turnaround times for packages and mail that are sent to or from North Houston. It boasts state-of-the-art equipment, allowing operators to quickly sort, package, and ship items on time and with accuracy.

With its convenient location and top-notch services, USPS’s North Houston Tx Distribution Center has become a go-to destination for those who rely on prompt delivery of goods.

Usps North Houston Tx Distribution Center


How Long Does a Usps Package Stay at a Distribution Center?

When it comes to USPS packages, the amount of time a package stays at a distribution center depends on several factors. The first factor is how quickly the item needs to be delivered. If it’s an urgent shipment and you paid for expedited shipping, then your package will usually only stay in the distribution center for one or two days before being shipped out again.

On the other hand, if you opted for regular shipping prices, then your package may stay in a distribution center anywhere from three days up to two weeks due to lower priority status. Additionally, another factor that influences how long your USPS package stays in a distribution center is size and weight limits. For example, if you sent something heavy like books or furniture pieces which exceed the maximum allowable limit of 70 lbs.

, then those items must go through additional sorting processes and inspections which can add more days onto its processing time at the facility. Finally, even though most shipments are handled with care when they enter USPS facilities, there are some situations where issues arise during transit such as damage or missing contents that could cause delays at any stage of delivery including within a postal service’s distribution centers leading them to hold onto packages longer than anticipated until further investigations can take place.

Can I Pick Up My Package from Usps Distribution Center?

Yes, you can pick up your package from a US Postal Service (USPS) distribution center. Generally, when you order something online or through mail-order catalogs, the item is shipped to you via USPS and may be delivered directly to your home or business address. However, if you’d rather pick it up yourself at the local distribution center instead of having it delivered, this option is available as well.

When placing an order with a vendor that ships by USPS, simply provide them with the location information for your nearest USPS facility so they can arrange for delivery there. Upon confirmation of delivery at the specified location, most vendors will send out an email notification letting you know your package has arrived and is ready for pickup. Keep in mind that some items may require additional documentation upon arrival and are typically held at certain locations until all necessary paperwork has been completed in full before being released to customers; check with your vendor regarding any such requirements prior to ordering.

What Does Arrived at Distribution Center Mean?

When a package or shipment has arrived at its destination distribution center, it means that the product is now ready to be sent to its final location. This could mean that the product is ready for delivery to a customer’s home, or that it will then need to go through another process before being delivered. The distribution center is where packages and shipments are sorted and prepared for their next step in the shipping process.

Shipping carriers often use multiple distribution centers around the country or even internationally in order to get products from point A to point B quickly and efficiently. Distribution centers play an important role in ensuring items reach their intended destinations without any delays or damages along the way.

What Does It Mean When Usps Says Distribution Center?

When a package is shipped using USPS, the “Distribution Center” is where it goes when it’s ready to be sorted and presented to its next destination. Distribution Centers are large warehouses that receive packages from various shipping centers across the country. The purpose of these facilities is to organize mail and parcels into delivery routes for carriers or other designated transfer points.

At a distribution center, workers scan each item before sorting them into route-specific containers for further processing. These containers are then transported via trucks or planes to their intended destinations such as post offices or customers’ homes depending on the type of service used. This entire process helps ensure that your package arrives at its final destination in a timely manner, allowing USPS to provide excellent customer service while also keeping costs low by maximizing efficiency within their network of distribution centers nationwide.

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Usps North Houston, Tx Distribution Center Contact Number

The United States Postal Service (USPS) North Houston, Texas Distribution Center can be contacted at +1 281-447-3300. This number is available for general inquiries regarding USPS services in the area or to provide feedback and comments about their service. Customers may also contact this center via email by visiting the USPS website.


The USPS North Houston Tx Distribution Center provides a vital service to the local community and beyond. Not only do they offer convenient mail delivery options, but they also provide job opportunities for those looking for employment in the area. With its efficient staff, modern facilities, and customer-focused services, this distribution center is an important asset to the city of Houston.

Its commitment to providing quality services continues to make it one of the most reliable postal centers in Texas.

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