What If Package Doesn’t Fit Well in Mailbox?

Have you got a PO box or mailbox installed in front of your house? If not, get one now to have important parcels; moreover, the United States Postal Service will manage all the parcels delivery. But what if package doesn’t fit well in mailbox, and what will be your next step?

The article will help you get out of the problems, and show possible solutions; so, read it until the last. The USPS will cooperate with you in this situation, but you have to inform them first.

Know the Reasons Behind a Package not Fitting in Your Mailbox

  • Suppose you have ordered something bigger from a site and want to take delivery from the agency. Unfortunately, it won’t fit when the package is too big for the box.
  • Secondly, your PO box maybe already full of other things; that’s why you should regularly check the box.

To avoid the problem of the USPS package too big for mailbox, you should replace the previous one with a bigger box. You must know the removing and installing system of the mail or PO boxes you have.

What to Do if a Package Isn’t Fitting the PO Box?

Your package may not fit into a PO box for multiple reasons; so, you should take precautions for that. Such as:

  • You should mail the USPS if you feel such a thing can happen; therefore, they will take necessary steps through the carrier.
  • What if package doesn’t fit in PO box, and where will the carrier drop it? Some delivery men ring your doorbell and deliver the parcel hand to hand. Moreover, some may leave it to another PO box in the neighborhood.
  • The carrier will leave it on the porch or the doorstep, but he will not leave it anyways if it’s something important and requires your signature.
  • If they somehow fail to deliver the package 3-times, they may send you a notice about that occurrence. Moreover, you should reply to that notice and collect your parcel from the nearby office.

What Size Package Can Go in Mailbox?

The highest sized pack that your mailbox can contain depends on the box’s size and facilities. You can put it without opening the lock if its thickness is less than 1.5 inches and weigh less than 10-oz.

If the size is slightly larger than the mentioned ones, you or the carrier should open the box through the key. However, you can deliver the highest 108-inch wide and 70-pounds weight package via USPS; the delivery system varies due to packages.


You shouldn’t be worried if the package doesn’t fit well in the mailbox. The USPS is a reliable agency, and they will take the necessary actions according to your package if you contact them.

However, it’s better to inform them what type of service you need before delivering the package. Moreover, keep in touch with the agency if you have somehow missed receiving it.

Get the highest sized PO box installed at your door, and check the box at least twice a month; thus, it won’t get overloaded.

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