How Long Does USPS Priority Mail Take?

We all have heard about emails. It is nothing but mail but online, as the name suggests, electronic mail. So, it lets us wonder if there is any offline mail. Well, long before email, the offline mailing system was even trendier.

Over time email may have taken a lot of space in mass lives; offline mails have not been outdated as much as they should have been. One of the main reasons behind this is small businesses. Many people, especially small business owners, ship their parcels through emails every day.

Many agencies, such as USPS, have been helping them out in this regard. But how long does USPS priority mail take to arrive has been an inquiry for many? This article is to clarify such confusion and more.

What is priority mail?

Among many other mail services, priority mail has been much heard about. The meaning of the name hides inside it. Priority means when you want to give the position of something over others. Priority mail is no exception in that matter.

Priority mail is named so because of its fast-shipping policy. There are many times when people need their products delivered at the earliest time possible. This is when they take the option of going with priority mail.

Keep an eye on the rest of the article to know more about the exact business days USPS priority mail takes to knock on your door or deliver your product.

Difference between priority mail and first-class:

Priority mails are different in many aspects from first class. One of the main differences is the time taken for priority mail USPS vs. first class. There are certain key points you need to follow to distinguish these two:

1. Weight:

Anything that weighs less than 13 ounces can be shipped through first class. Anything that weighs above it, is the difference even by 1 ounce, will be gone straight through priority mail.

For example, if you send off a pair of hair clips, it is better to ship by first class. But if it’s a pair of jeans or any clothing item that may exceed over 12 ounces, then priority mail is the answer.

2. Charge:

First class is for economic reasons. Since they ship products with a lower weight, naturally, the shipping charge is way lower than priority mail. Although you can ship anything under 13 ounces through priority mail, it is not a smart choice.

Because either way, priority mail will take off much more money from your purse than first class. For first-class, the rate is highest two-dollar while the priority mail starting charge is seven to eight dollars. So, that is a big sum of money for something that weighs less than one pound.

3. Time:

As mentioned earlier, priority mails take much less time to reach their destination rather than first class. It takes 2-3 business days to arrive, whereas the first-class takes 3-5 days. No matter where a priority mail is sent in the country, it will take the highest 2-3 days to reach its owner. So, that pretty much summarizes how long USPS priority mail takes.

USPS priority mails are so sincere in such a scenario that you can get your parcel delivered through priority mail, even on Saturdays and Sundays.

Insights into flat rate:

Priority mails go by another name, and that is a flat rate. They can be shipped to any zip code at the same rate for a certain amount of product. For example, USPS provides different sizes of boxes and envelopes to cover your product before shipping.

They have paper envelop, medium, large size boxes, and many more. Below those boxes, you will find the rate they are charging if you ship using those boxes. So, if you use the medium size box to ship something, no matter the weight of the products inside that box, it will cost you thirteen dollars.

You can send a lip gloss in that box, which weighs very low, again you can ship a t-shirt in that box, which weighs higher. But the cost will still be the same for any destination inside the USA. The same goes for the envelop and other boxes.

Although these boxes cost different shipping charges, they come free individually.

Priority mail tracking system:

One of the most attractive features of USPS is you can track your mail. This is such an amazing feature to protect the parcel from losing in the way or from late delivery. It is not something people get to enjoy by mailing from the regular post office.

There is a tracking number below every priority mail label. Just insert the number in the search bar of the website they provide to see ship status. Now, you are good to go.


In recent times, small businesses are in bloom. From teenagers to entrepreneurs, people are making much profit from such businesses. Parceling their products at the right time with the service has become so much normalized for them.

Opting with priority mail has been such a big part of small businesses. There may be a wedding, and you are shopping at the last minute. Priority mail is there to save your day.

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