USPS Tracking Number Format & Example

USPS tracking number format in 2021 will help you with keeping track of your packages during transit. The USPS is one of the most extensive package transportation companies. Similar to USPS, it provides customers with various services and some other services.

The biggest and most popular service by the company is USPS tracking.

If you are a USPS customer, you have heard of it and may have used it. However, if you have an issue with this service, you can read the following to find almost everything related to the USPS tracking code or numbers.

As the name suggests, this service allows USPS customers to track their packages themselves. Please tell me more about it.

USPS Tracking Number Format:

When shipping a package, it passes through many transfer stations. There will be scanning at various shipping points from receipt to delivery time.  Finally, when USPS checks the cargo number at each transfer point, it will assign a tracking number.

If you want to know the freight, such as the arrival location so far, when it will be delivered, etc., the USPS tracking service can help you. Therefore, USPS tracking is a free feature that allows you to check your shipment’s updating statuses.

USPS includes this service in almost all shipments. You can use this USPS tracking number without paying any additional fees.

Actually, you have to pay the shipping cost, not the tracking service. The USPS tracking number is also the USPS tracking ID. USPS tracking can also be for international monitoring, and the operator can provide Canadian USPS tracking numbers, USPS tracking numbers, and British USPS tracking numbers.

Tracking Number Example:

As we are saying, the USPS tracking number is the number given to your shipment by the USPS to track the same item. You can use the USPS tracking number query or tracking service to track the package and update the package path, estimated delivery date, current package status, etc. Scan all shipping points so you can get the latest status of the package.

Want to know how long your USPS tracking number will last? The UPS tracking number is an 18-digit number. The following is a breakdown of the 18 characters of the USPS tracking number.

What’s My tracking number?

Service sample number

USPS Tracking 9400100000000000 0000 00

Priority Mail 9205500000000000 0000 00

Certified Mail 940730000000000000 0000 00

The collection of the COD will be set to 963004300000 0000 0000 00

Service sample number

PriorityMailExpress International – EC000000000000000US

Priority MailExpress – 9270100000000000 0000 00

PriorityMail International – CP000000000000000 USA

Registration post – 92088000 0000 0000 0000 00

Sign Confirmation – 9202 1000 0000 0000 0000 00

Where is the tracking number?

You can find the tracking number at:

  • Post office shipping receipt
  • Purchase receipt when purchasing insurance from Post Office™
  • Confirmation email sent from
  • Shipment confirmation email received from the online retailer
  • The removable bottom surface of the USPS tracking label

What is the shipping process?

If the package is subject to the USPS Delivery Instructions, you can instruct USPS to place the box at your own address and then send it to another address or send it to the post office.

Click the “Edit Delivery Process” on the “Tracking Results” page to send the request.

If you do not see the “Change Shipping Procedure” link, your package is not covered by the shipping procedure service.

  • No “shipping procedure” link
  • There are many reasons why packages are not subject to delivery instructions.
  • The following packages are not part of the process.
  • Has left the post office and delivered
  • Mail retention request
  • Mail forwarding request
  • Military address (APO/FPO) or DPO.
  • International sender
  • Delivery signature requirements
  • Cash on delivery (COD) request
  • Valid USPS Package Intercept order
  • Insurance over $500

USPS Tracking Number Format Description:

You may have noticed that most tracking numbers are 20-22 digits. For example, 9205 5000 0000 0000 000000. For EU tracking, you need to combine letters and numbers at once.

The tracking number for each post is different for a variety of reasons. First, every message has a unique ID, so there is no confusion during the sending process. Meanwhile, unique IDs are also assigned for various considerations.

Format 1: 9205 5000 0000 0000 0000 00 (22-digit tracking number)

Format 2: EC 000 000 000 US (starts with two letters and consists of 9 digits. This type of format ends with “US.”)

What if I lose my tracking ID?

In some cases, you may not remember your tracking number. This has actually happened to many customers in the past, and there is nothing to sweat. It is common for someone to get the tracking number back accidentally.

Besides, if you experience a similar situation, please visit the official website of and log in to get your registered queries and complaints. The customer service representative is very straightforward and may reply immediately.

How to track USPS packages

Similarly, the basic format of the tracking number is not particularly important to the customer. An important issue is that you need to write down the tracking number to determine where your luggage is during the trip. Besides, tracking numbers can be found in different locations, depending on how the package is shipped.

For example, if you send an item through the post office, it will appear on the sales receipt and on the removed portion of the USPS tracking label. If the label is printed through an online service, the label will appear on your online account dashboard. To track a package, go to the USPS tracking page and input your tracking number. Similarly, you can enter up to 35 numbers at the same time.

Tracking Tips

Firstly, place the shipping label in a visible position for easy barcode scanning. The scanner cannot recognize the tube’s curvature or the edge of the box, so if the label is placed in these positions, it will not receive the tracking event for the package.

Secondly, place the label as flat as possible and not put the label on the seams as it may break the label.

In conclusion:

Hopefully, you know the Tracking ID and what it looks like with the help of this article. The parcel tracking number is confidential. Also, the package may not be trackable, or the package status may be “Unavailable.” Similarly, this can happen because you enter the wrong tracking number. To avoid such errors, please double-check the tracking number you have and make sure it’s accurate.

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