USPS in Possession of Item Meaning

Do you get such a notification that “USPS in Possession of Item” often? It is very common to get this message from the authority who takes the services of USPS.

USPS (United States Postal Service System) is one of the most extensive postal services in the United States. It mainly works as a courier service system that delivers a massive number of packages and mail every day.

However, message like possession of item generally sent to those who send their parcels globally. From here, you will know the actual reason of this message and some other possible reasons vividly. So let’s come to the point.

What Does It Mean When Tracking Says USPS in Possession of Item?

If you send your parcels internationally only, you may get such a message from the USPS authority. But if you get the same message when you send the packages within the United States, it will not be surprising.

You may know that the packages are first checked by the custom, then it shifts to another sector. So, when the custom completes the checking, it moves for further shipment. When you see the parcel on the tracking page, then you can get the message that “your packages are in possession of item under USPS.”

Even if the authority finds any illegal substance in your package, you may get the same message that USPS is now in possession of your item for that. Again, if the shipment gets damaged, the USPS also may notify you about that by sending USPS in possession of item status to you.

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What Do I Do If My Package Is Stuck at The Post Office?

It can happen to you anytime when you send a parcel via USPS service that your package gets USPS in possession of item stuck at the last step. Many people report to us that their packages get stuck to the post office, unfortunately.

If you are one of them fetching the suggestion to solve this problem, you can call the post office’s number. You can collect the information of sticking your package when getting the location of your package as soon as possible.

Sometimes when the authority cannot deliver your package, you can get all your money back with the package and a full refund.

Does USPS Check Packages for Drugs?

The Postal inspectors will check your packages whether you are sending any illegal drag as a parcel. So, they check can screen packages to check for drugs like marijuana and other drugs.

Nowadays, some people try to send drugs through packages via postal services, and the authority remains careful to catch them. Even the dogs are used to check the packages properly.

What Happens If USPS Finds Drugs in A Package?

If the USPS (United States Postal Service) finds any drug in any package, they need to obtain a warrant. As the drugs are very harmful substances, the authority must take steps against the package sender.

Final Words

Now you know the meaning and cause of why you get the notification as “USPS In Possession of Item.” If you face any trouble further, you will be able to solve the problem by yourself at once.

FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

As the USPS is a large postal service in the United States, they have to check all mails which come into the system. Sometimes criminals try to commit any crime using the postal system. That’s why the authority should always remain cautious.

Though there is no fixed time to come to the mail carrier, you can expect your mail will be delivered anywhere between 7 AM and 8 PM (local time) if the mail carriers go out from their routes.

If you do not get your mail on time, your mail may be misspelled or remain unchecked by USPS in possession of item for days/weeks. If it remains in the same position without notifying you, the shipping label may fall off the mail item.

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