Which Is Cheaper, UPS vs USPS Comparison

Everybody wants a good service at a reasonable price, may it be shopping or shipping; you will target to minimize the cost. Have you ever thought about which is cheaper, UPS or USPS?

There is no doubt that both teams are giving their best to hold the positions, but you should know all about their origins. Moreover, you must know about their service and price range.

Know the facilities they provide and their drawbacks, differentiate yourself, and choose the better option. Don’t you want your parcel to get delivered quickly but safely at an affordable rate?

Are UPS and USPS the Same or Not?

Many people get confused between the UPS and the USPS; they think they are the same. I admit their services are much alike, but they are not the same organization.

UPS or United Parcel Service is a globally renowned delivery service company established in 1907 in Georgia. You can pass any item not only to other states or cities but overseas also.

On the other hand, USPS is known as the United States Postal Service; it’s a local American Federal Agency that only delivers items within the USA. The federal government agency started in 1775, almost 250 years ago.

See the Differences between the UPS and the USPS: Choose a Suitable One

Let’s find out the primary differences between the leading parcel delivery services to make the right choice.

  • First of all, UPS is a global service, and almost every country has its branch. Whereas the USPS is a much smaller service, but it has offices in all states and cities.
  • Secondly, the USPS is famous for delivering small packages that weigh less than 2lbs. On the contrary, the worldwide parcel company UPS is well-known for delivering heavy and larger items.
  • If we talk about the delivery speed, the USPS will be slightly ahead of the UPS. You should choose the local American brand if you need the parcel within a short time, such as the next day.
  • The USPS shipping rates have been proved the most expensive, especially in comparison to UPS and FedEx. But the agency offers good deals for shipping small packages.
  • Both brands have an excellent tracking system, but if you compare the two, UPS will be proved better.
  • Let’s think about the customer service; you must say that both UPS and USPS offer their users various facilities.

Package Delivery Offers And Their Cost Comparison

The UPS and USPS have some significant offers that vary due to your package’s size; check the finest delivery systems.

The UPS Delivery Services

  1. UPS Express Critical (the Most Used One)

It’s the fastest courier delivery service worldwide, but it will take many working days, depending on the distance. It is the most expensive shipping service among all courier delivery packages.

It may not cost much within the local area; moreover, it will take less time to deliver inside the USA. If you want the parcel within 1-2 days, you should switch to another service option because it’s not the right one.

  1. UPS Next Day Air

If you need a parcel the next day, you should get the package; it will deliver your desired item the next day within 4 pm (local time). The offer is not available 24/7; you have to ensure that the upcoming day is a business day.

  1. UPS 2nd Day and 3rd Day Select

The recipient can buy this package service if he/she needs the parcel early but not the next day. It’s cheaper than the next day air package; the receiver will get the parcel either on the 2nd or the 3rd working day after ordering.

  1. UPS Ground Service

If you’re looking for the most affordable courier service from UPS, you should choose this service package. Unfortunately, the parcel will reach you late than the other services, but you should choose it if you want to save money.

The USPS Package Services

  1. USPS Priority Mail Express

That’s the fastest local courier service of this agent, and it works 24/7 without taking a break. Moreover, it’s not expensive to send a small-sized package; the maximum people choose this service.

  1. USPS Priority Mail

The priority mail reaches the receiver within 1-3 working days, but the package’s weight should be less than 70lb. This package is also affordable for small parcels; on the other hand, UPS shipping rates are excessive for delicate items.

  1. First Class Mail

It also delivers the mail within 1-3 business days, but it should weigh less than 13lb, and it should be in a single envelope.

  1. Retail Ground Mail

It’s the perfect mail package for heavy items, but it will take a bit longer to reach the receiver. So, if you have ordered something large and not in a hurry, you may take this package; it will be slightly expensive.

  1. USPS Media Mail

You can send media files, such as videos, CDs, and other confidential items via media mail; they have a protocol to maintain privacy. Moreover, they will seal your parcel well and deliver it within 2-5 working days.

Check the Cost List of UPS and USPS

A debate always comes forward that which is cheaper UPS or USPS; that’s why check the price list table.

Weight/ Service USPS UPS
2- pounds $11 $17
12-ounces $4.32 $10.5
65-pounds $146 $130
The fastest delivery service (8-pounds) $8.71 $32
Overnight Service $41 $88

You can notice that the lighter and faster packages are more appropriate in USPS than UPS. On the other hand, the long-term and heavy package delivery service is better in the latter company if you analyze the UPS shipping calculator.

Let me show you the price difference due to package service from USPS and UPS for the same weight (for instance, 5lb)

Service Delivery Time Total Cost
UPS (UPS Ground) 6-Working days $9.25
UPS 2nd or 3rd Select 5-Business days $15.25
USPS Priority Mail 2-days $26
USPS Retail Ground Mail 3-7 days (Business) $24

The chart shows that the UPS service is better if you want to minimize the cost, but the USPS is the right option for speedy delivery.

Find out the Cheapest Shipping for Small Business

If you have just started your business, you may not have sufficient money and reduce the shipping cost. Follow these tips for the cheapest shipping for your small and growing business:

  • If you want to deliver a small parcel within the city or different states, you should choose USPS (Priority mail and First class mail).
  • If the client wants the parcel early inside the USA, you should select the USPS priority mail express. In case the parcel is heavy, you should send the package via UPS Express Critical.
  • If there’s no time limit or hurry, you may get UPS ground for heavy parcels and USPS retail ground for small, especially items less than 2lb.
  • You can get the UPS 2nd and 3rd Day Select (for a bigger box) or the USPS First Class Mail if you have a moderate budget.

Please don’t worry about your new and small business’s courier service because the company and agency are experts. They will ensure you can choose the best deal per your necessity.

They will make sure you’re getting the parcel on time, and it has reached you in the desired way. If you somehow miss the delivery, the carrier will try multiple times to deliver the parcel.

Moreover, they respect and take care of your privacy, but they will compensate if any unwanted event happens. So, both brands are equally reliable, but what offer will you choose depends on your parcel and delivery place.

What Is the Cheapest Way to Ship 50lbs Box or Parcel?

You know that 50lbs is considered a big box or heavy parcel, whereas the USPS has set the highest limit at 70lbs. Moreover, USPS service is costly for heavy products; thus, it’s not the cheapest option.

You may be confused about UPS’s services; now, the chosen option depends much on the size and delivery time. If you have enough time and order from overseas, you should take UPS ground service.

On the other hand, if you need it overnight, your parcel will come in the UPS next day air service. You may get your parcel on the 2nd or 3rd working day after ordering; most people prefer the UPS express critical.

So, the cheapest way to send a 50lbs within the state or nation is UPS Express Critical service. On the contrary, you should try the UPS ground service while sending it overseas; they are the cheapest ways.


I hope you have found out which is cheaper UPS or USPS; the cost varies due to some facts. If you have read the full article, you can easily understand your necessities and choose a package.

If you’re doing business or correspondence in different places, you must know the procedures of both. You will need the USPS most when you order anything small online; the agency is the best.

Please go through their websites, and select the best and cheapest deal for yourself; best of luck with your shopping and business.

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