Are you waiting to receive your package for the first time? If the answer is yes, then probably you are looking for the solution to the question of HOW LATE DOES USPS DELIVER. Believe it or not, the matter is very common.

USPS is one of the best service-providing agencies in the United States. Its delivery capability is high. The operation area of the United States Postal Service is spread all across the country.

However, throughout this writing up you will be able to know and learn about how late USPS delivers on Sunday and the rest of the days including some common queries on the delivery matter of USPS.

Delivery Schedule of USPS

USPS strictly maintains its schedule of delivery. Let’s have a look at their schedules:

  1. Service Availability: Daily
  2. Holiday Availability: Close (Except USPS Priority Mails)
  3. Daily Delivery Time: 8.00 am to 5.00 pm
  4. Domestic Express Mail Delivery Time: Before 12.00 pm
  5. International Mail Delivery Time: Before 3.00 pm
  6. General Package and Parcel Delivery Time: Before 5.00 pm

USPS highly follows the standards mentioned above.

Elements that USPS uses to maintain quality

You will be surprised to know that USPS is the only agency that invests a lot only for developing quality. It mainly focuses on some major areas, which are –

  • Follow up with post office
  • Tracking on package
  • Trained staff
  • Policy development
  • Automation
  • Others

Meaning of late for USPS

The motto of the USPS is never being delayed. There is no word of late in the dictionary of USPS. USPS doesn’t know what it means. But like many other things, USPS has to face some difficulties. And the barricades are:

  • Human resources shortage
  • A large numbers of volume
  • Wrong address
  • Incomplete address
  • Adverse weather
  • Malfunction in software

Problematic situation

You might be interested to know what problems USPS and their customers may face due to the above obstacles. So let’s learn-

  • Learning one

USPS is providing the best services to its customers where many people are engaged. When the workforce falls short, the service gets interrupted as a result delivery gets delayed.

  • Learning two-

A huge number of orders or mail makes it difficult for anyone even for an organized agency like USPS. So when the volume becomes huge, delivery might be delayed.

  • Learning three-

Sometimes customers put incorrect and incomplete addresses in the order, which is also a reason for getting delayed.

  • Learning four-

Bad weather is caused by nature, and no one can do anything about the weather. Though USPS never minds about climate. For safety reasons, you may also like getting things delayed.

Steps taken by USPS

To prevent delay, USPS has taken some major steps. Not only this but also for proving that USPS introduced a unique, authentic solution for anything that makes the agency competitive. Here you will find the points below:

  • Digital tracking (Using USPS tracking mail)
  • Free of cost tracking
  • Express mail
  • Retail mail
  • Guaranteed delivery service

Acceptance of being late

USPS shipment delay issues are handled smartly. Customer service, frequent communication, insurance facility, claims management, etc. have been introduced by USPS. Some of these are very popular. The statistic shows that delay in USPS is positively accepted.

Delay in domestic packages

When you are inside the country, you may need service from the USPS. If a delay occurs in your order, please follow the below steps:-

  1. Search your order number
  2. Find your shipping number
  3. Raise a case number
  4. Contact your post office
  5. Show your order receipt

The delivery period differs from one class of mail to another. It may be possible that the package is still in transit and is not lost or delayed depending on what types of mail are being utilized and how long ago it was ordered.

Let’s have a look into some domestic delivery standard according to different types of mail service provided by USPS:

  • Different types of services
  1. First-class mail: 1-3 working days
  2. Priority mail: 1-3 business day periods
  3. Priority mail express: 1-2 working days
  4. Media mail: 2-5 working days

Marketing mail: 3-10 working days

Delay impacts on USPS delivery

  1. Business fall increase
  2. Payments get very late
  3. Negative impression
  4. High-cost investment gets slapped in terms of profit
  5. Economic growth becomes slow

More importantly, the covid -19 situation has brought a big change. Now, delay in USPS service has been causing disorder in the online mail-order business. Before the pandemic, USPS mail packages would get to any address in the United States in less than three days.

Now, customers are reporting that shipments are taking four to seven days, or sometimes even longer.

  • Burning Issues:

Right now, we should be concerned about some burning issues like:

  1. Substitute delivery services are more expensive than ever.
  2. Clients are feeling upset with sluggish service.
  3. Key economic transactions are being overdue.
  • Ways to adopt:

For the sake of the future, we must not think about HOW LATE DOES USPS DELIVER. Rather we must try to find a way of adoption.

As the national administration continues to wrestle with these delays, small businesses are looking for ways to ensure quick deliveries to consumers, who have gotten used to rapid shipping and are more restrained to shop in brick-and-mortar supplies because of the risks posed by COVID-19.

Although some business owners are sticking with the USPS, others are switching to shipping services, like FedEx and UPS.

Solving the problems:

Use of Calculator:

It is a USPS gear to estimate USPS Delivery times. This tool calculates transit time by zip code in the United States. The calculator is used to find estimated and guaranteed relief dates with service standards and commitments APIs.

Use of tracking labels:

Once you pay postage on your qualifying shipping product at the Post Office retail counter, USPS tracking is mechanically activated. Use the tracking number on your mailing receipt to the way in the delivery information.

What is best for domestic delivery?

This service is specially for household deliveries. It is a low-priced way to send large packages that are not vital. It would take between 2-7 working days for a package to reach its goal. This USPS delivery service includes tracking.

There are also no extra charges for tracking. Saturday deliveries do not have any additional fees.

About Media Mail:

The Media Mail delivery service is conducive to deliver lesser and larger packages. The service is bound to books, educational materials, manuscripts, sound recordings, audio, and videotapes. The maximum weight package under this category is 80 pounds.

The estimated delivery time for Media Mail is 2-6 days. The charge for this category depends on the size and weight of the package. It’s very important to note that the package may not contain advertising material.

The weakness of using Media Mail is that USPS may decide to open and examine your package. The essence of the examination is to ensure compliance with the regulatory requirements. Media Mail also comes with tracking facilities.

Another story:

Along with the logistical troubles that come from a surprising rush in parcels, the coronavirus itself had an impact on the USPS workforce.

According to a report, approximately 5,300 USPS employees had tested positive for COVID-19 among its workforce of 620,000 as of mid-July.

The government has not broadly reported the number of COVID-19-related deaths among postal workers, but postal worker unions have estimated that more than 60 workers have died from the virus.

The loss:

The major reason for the delay is a series of changes, including incomplete overtime that was reportedly being implemented to battle major financial issues facing the postal service.

Officials said the coronavirus outbreak could eventually drive an estimated $25 billion in losses. The motive for not embarking on late-hour deliveries is reasonable as the agency takes into consideration the safety and welfare of its delivery personnel and packages.

The USPS also offers a cash-back guarantee if your package is not delivered on time. The most important thing about delaying on the package is how well you handle the situation. With tracking, one can closely monitor your package. However, you should message that the USPS does not deliver packages beyond 5 pm. It is only in acute cases that it could extend to 10 pm.


If a package has been lost, late, or missing for seven days or more, you can do the below-mentioned activities:

  • Go for finding Missing Mail for additional information.
  • Submit a Missing Mail
  • Search request at missing mail.
  • File a claim by visiting USPS tracking

Moreover, what you can do is contact your local post office authority and request them to email the sorting facility where your package might be jammed and mention the city name and then the below phrase “NDC Package Inquiry”.

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