What is USPS Media Mail?

US Postal Service already has platforms for delivering products. What is USPS Media Mail servicing? The answer may be a big help to you if you are in education-related activities.

We often have to transfer books, films, and music tracks, gadgets for many purposes. USPS Media Mail is the service of delivering different types of educational media products.  Moreover, the service is very cost-friendly. It is one of the effective services provided by the US postal service.

If you are in search of information about the details of USPS Media Mail, you are on the right track. This article will inform you of every detail about USPS Media Mail.

Items that qualify for shipment

USPS Media Mail doesn’t allow all types of products under its delivery system. It ensures that the shipment contains the only educational item. The following list of the items qualifies for Media Mail shipment.

Print items –

  • The book (Size of the book should exceed eight pages)
  • Scripts for plays
  • Printed music
  • Medical information for doctors and medical students

Non- print items –

  • Audio and Video recording
  • Film (width- sixteen millimeters or less)

Restricted items

  • Items with advertisement
  • Comic book
  • Graphic novel
  • Photograph
  • Films from commercial theaters
  • Electronic items
  • Computer-based items (portable hard drives, thumb drives, flash drives, jump drives, USB drives)
  • Video game
  • Clothes

USPS Media Mail is very strict about the restriction. Even the authority has the right to inspect the items. They do it to make sure there is no abuse of the system. They ensure that the customer gets an accurate service.

Delivery procedure

You have to maintain some USPS Media Mail rules to make sure that you correctly transfer your products. Otherwise, your products may get rejected. Here are some steps you must be aware of maintaining while using USPS Media Mail.

Step 1: Address

You have to mention an accurate address. According to Section 170, you should mention both receiver’s and sender’s addresses. It is for the Postal Service verification in your package. You also must include the correct zip code.

  • Address of the sender -on upper left side
  • Address of the receiver-in middle
  • Address for box-shaped products- on top of the box

Step 2: Measurement of the package

The weight of your package should not exceed 70 pounds. If the package’s weight is more than 70 pounds, you have to buy the postage and attach the Media Mail shipping label.

Delivering packages with a total weight of 70 pounds will cost postage for each package. The combined length and width of the package can’t be more than 108 inches.

Step 3: Mark and confirmation

Your package should contain the note Media Mail. You will get a tracking code after confirmation. Signature confirmation, mailing certification, and insurance are also available for an added fee.

Step 4: Destination

USPS Media Mail Media has not yet started servicing the whole world. It is only active for domestic (US) delivery addresses.

Service Rate

What is USPS Media Mail’s cost for services? The amount is too affordable to surprise you. The cost depends on the package’s weight and rate class. It doesn’t depend on the distance of the receiver.

The rate is increasing year by year. But the amount is very low. The service rate in the year 2018 had risen by 1.9% compared to the year 2017.

According to the update of 2020, USPS Media Mail rates start from $2.80 per pound. It increases by $0.53 per pound for single-piece Media Mail. In case of fraction of pound, it will turn into whole.

There is no postage discount available for shipping software. Yet the postage rate is very less compared to other shipping services. The postage rate for priority mail starts from $ 7.50 per pound.

The time duration for delivery

Unlike USPS Priority Mail, Media Mail takes more time to deliver. It takes on an average of 2-8 https://uspswiki.com/business-days/business days for delivery. Sometimes the duration can be longer than this.


USPS Media Mail always maintains rules and regulations. You may get a penalty if you break any rule. For example, you have to pay postage due as a forfeit if USPS finds an advertisement inside your package.


USPS Media Mail is different in some points from other shipping services. When you have the proper guideline, you can get help from this service.

This article covers every instruction of what is USPS Media Mail. By reading the article, you will have a proper understanding of services and restrictions of media mail. You will also know about the cost of the service and the delivery procedure.

If you follow the given instructions here, you will not face any difficulties. Thus you can experience a better mail service.

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