Package Delivered To Parcel Locker But No Key

USPS parcel locker no key has been a very common problem for a few years. The first couple of years after 2012 when USPS first introduced us to the parcel locker delivery method, it was great. As the users of USPS and online buying rates increase, it’s become hard for the mailman to maintain all the order placement perfectly. The USPS has a great staff training service and all of their employers are good at their job but yet, mistakes happen.

So, when the mailman forgets to give you the key to the parcel, we face a lot of problems. The very first thing that comes to our mind is how the hell I am gonna open the parcel, where to apply for the key, whom to talk about the parcel locker no key situation, what’s the process of getting the parcel key and many other questions raise.

Here we tried to answer all your questions related to the USPS parcel locker no key situation. After reading this you will have all the solutions to your problem.

So, let’s start.

What to do when USPS forget to leave the key:

It probably happened to everyone that they found the package outside their door but when we check the mailbox for the key, it’s empty. I know, it’s a very frustrating condition. So, what should we do to get our key to open the locker?

Well, there are several ways to get the key back. The first solution is to look clearly in your mailbox. Check if the mailman leaves it under the parcel or in aside. If you are sure that there is no key then you can take several actions.

If you don’t need the package immediately then you could leave a message on your mailbox for the delivery man. In the massage ask the mailman to give you the key. That method worked for a lot of men.

The second suggestion for you is to call the USPS operator. They have very good service. If you put your complaint, they will fix it very soon. Some people have a very bad experience though in calling the USPS office which is very rare.

Another thing you could do if you failed to get your parcel locker key in all other processes, that visit the local USPS office. This will require a bit of effort but that’s the best way to get the USPS parcel locker key.

How to get back the key of USPS Parcel Locker no Key:

When the mailman forgets to leave the parcel locker key in your mailbox what we will do? Well, we already learned what steps we could take in that situation. Following those actions will be enough. Yet, there are some other things you can do about the missing key.

One of the most common mistakes that happen with all the mailman is they place the ordered item into the wrong box. So, you could ask your neighbors if they find a key in their box or you could leave a note for them.

You could file an online complaint that you didn’t get your key with the parcel. This will do the work, you will most likely get back your key.

Besides this, follow the above-mentioned process. Leave a note for your mailman, visit the local USPS post office, call the post office. This will surely do your work.

how to open a parcel locker without key

Why Sometimes USPS Forget to Leave the Key with Parcel Locker:

Well, that’s a mistake and nothing else. Mailmen are very busy people and they have to do lots of similar work. So, making a mistake is very common. But, there is another interesting story behind it.

All the mailmen have to travel a lot. All-day long they just go here and there. It’s a very boring job and sometimes delivery men have to go home a bit early. But if there is a package in the truck they can’t leave. And what if the order is in a far place.

In that case, they text in the office and to us that they delivered the parcel. But actually, they return home and come back two or three days later to hand over the parcel. Sometimes, in a hurry delivery man just leave the parcel in front of your house and leave.

Another thing happens that sometimes the office scanned the product imperfectly. In that case, the delivery man never picks up the parcel or leave it in another area.

Anyway, whatever mistake happens if you follow the above-mentioned instruction we will get back your parcel and the missing key.

Hope now your USPS parcel no key missing mystery has been solved.

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