Delivery Attempted – No Access to Delivery Location

It is disappointing for you to get the notification that “Delivery Attempted – No Access to Delivery Location” from the USPS (United States Postal Service). Though it is frustrating, it notifies you that something is wrong with your parcel to access the delivery location.

But how to fix the problem? How will you get your parcel? We are here to give you all the solutions for this problem in this article. So let’s proceed and make you aware of this challenging situation and what you have to do to get your parcel.

What Does “Delivery Attempted – No Access to Delivery Location” Mean?

It is a delivery status notification that USPS (United States Postal Service) sent you. So mainly, you will receive the message as “No Access to Delivery Location.” But do not you know the actual meaning of this notification? So okay, let’s clarify.

It means that something went wrong with your parcel or was pushed from your door. Even it can also imply that your package is waiting for you in the letterbox. So, ultimately it means that USPS failed to deliver your parcel to the recipient. But they are trying to reach the receiver.

Again, when USPS do not find anyone to receive the parcel, they left a card for the receiver with detailed information about the package. Even the authority will write the next step that what should you do to get the parcel redelivery.

What Should You Do When USPS Says No Access?

Well, you know the meaning of the no access notification that you get from USPS. Right? But what should you do after getting this notification? Just wait for the next working day. So it means if you receive this message on Sunday, wait for the next working day that is Monday. But if there is any national holiday, you need to wait for the next working day to deliver your parcel.

Why Does USPS Lie About Attempted Delivery?

Sometimes, the United States Postal Service employees may inform you falsely that your parcel delivery is attempted. So, this notification may become the reason for the harassment and frustration when you find that your parcel has not been delivered at all.

Unfortunately, the employees sometimes do this for their interest. They want to increase their reputation and palatable of their service statistics. The report found that they are often doing it during the last few months, ultimately worsening the service.

Do You Have Any Alternative Solution?

We know you are searching for an alternative solution to get rid of this kind of frustrating message. Yes, you will get the ultimate solution for your problem. Why not are you using the virtual mailbox? Do you not know what the virtual mailbox is? Okay, no matter. Let you make know.

A virtual mailbox is a system that will allow you to see the preview of your mail. You will get the opportunity to read them at a time, and you are enabled to save them. Most importantly, if you want, you can also print them instantly according to your requirement.

So, it gives you the excellent opportunity to be at home and deliver your mail without any hassle. Moreover, you need not be dependent on the United States Postal Service to deliver your letter, which requires 1 or 2 days to finish the delivery. Even you will not get any notification like no access to delivery.

FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

  • What occurs when delivery is attempted?

The USPS did not find any receiver in the written location to deliver the package. So, they found that leaving the parcel is not safe at all. So, after that, they notify the sender to recollect the parcel or try again to redeliver the parcel later.

  • How many times USPS (United States Postal Service) attempts to deliver a parcel?

Probably, USPS attempts to redeliver the parcel in the receiver location 1 or 2 times. Then, if they fail for the next 15 days, the authority resends the package to the sender’s address.

  • Is it possible to check where your USPS parcel is?

Yes, you can check where your USPS parcel is. For this, you have to enter the website of the USPS tracking number. Then you can quickly check it by clicking on the “Check Status.” Even you can see the status information and your previous parcel history through this site.

Final Verdict

Perhaps now you know the reason and the meaning of the frequent notification “delivery attempted – no access to the delivery location.” You got it. Right? Besides, now you know what to do after getting this message and what could be the alternative solution for you. Then why are you still waiting to send your next mail via an alternative solution than USPS?

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