USPS Delivered Package to Wrong Address What Should I Do Now

There is nothing much to do if you come to know that USPS delivered the package to the wrong address. The maximum you can do is put a claim that the post office delivered a package to the wrong address.

Yes, it’s very true about what I just said. So, you may ask me a question on USPS delivery function and its capability of it in rendering services. No matter what you ask me, my answer remains the same against the particular question that is “USPS delivered package to wrong address what to do”

In this write-up, I will share some situations of delivery in incorrect addresses. Hope it will find something that you might be looking for.

The reasons behind delivery on wrong address:

Several reasons may be responsible for delivery to the wrong address. Major of them have been described below:

  1. A mistake from delivery personnel
  2. Change of address after the order has been placed
  3. Un updated address
  4. The input of wrong address while placing order
  5. Natural calamities

Let’s have a little discussion of the above points.

A mistake from delivery personnel:

When a lot of tasks are given to a little group, especially during rush hour, an error can happen. A delivery person may wrongly deliver your packages to an incorrect destination.

Change of address after the order has been placed:

It’s not very common but sometimes been found that customer has changed the address immediately after the order has been placed. This kind of problem is naturally unintentional. That’s why the address change problem is uncommon.

Un-updated address:

You might have forgotten to update your new address. This is another reason for delivering the wrong address. USPS has been facing this kind of problem for a long time.

The input of address:

Keep in mind that a mistake can be made by you too. It can happen while placing an order. USPS is responsible only for the error generated by their personnel only, not for ours.

Natural calamities:

You can’t do anything about the weather. Though it’s very rare rain, road damage, accident, fire, storm, etc. and many genuine reasons like the mentioned matters could be a reason for wrong delivery of USPS delivery package.

What to do with the delivery?

Wait a minute. Imagine, you are asking me, package delivered to the wrong address can I keep it?

I will say “YES”. You can keep that but not for a long time. There will be some responsibilities for you, like:

  • Contact customer service of USPS
  • Explain to them you have received a package from USPS which is not yours
  • Please give them the tracking number inserted on the package
  • Provide description and location written on that package

After the steps mentioned above been taken, USPS will let you know when and at which time their representative will be at your place for collecting the package.

Can you keep it to yourself?

Yes, anyone has the right to keep it as a gift, as per the law of the Federal Trade Commission. The FTC declares that you are under no obligation to even tell the seller about the wrongly delivered packages.

Some Recommendations:

  1. If you come to know that a mistake has been made by you, for a fee, USPS can let the sender or receiver stop delivery of a parcel, or letter that is not out for delivery.
  2. Mainly domestic products can fall under this service provided by USPS. This type of request can only be made by the online portal of USPS.
  3. In case your shipment has been delivered at another place, like at your neighbor’s house or any office near your area, a notification will be sent to you.

By this time you must have realized regarding USPS delivered package to wrong address what to do. Now we move towards the ending portion.

Do the right thing:

In any situation, you can always do whatever seems good or best for you and your surroundings. But it’s wise to do the right thing. USPS expects good behavior from you as it does to its customers. It’s your call to make the right choice about what you have received at your end.

Suppose you have received a package that has your location or address on it but not your name. It could have happened due to the place. It’s very much possible that the package most likely belongs to the previous owner of the house you are living in right now. Keep in mind that, you are dealing with what to do if a package is delivered to old address.

The right thing to do is ask the USPS about communicating with the sender of the package and resend it to the same receiver.

Do’s and Don’ts:

These are the norms you must follow:

  • Do the best practice
  • Try to contact the USPS
  • Call the sender
  • Keep the package safe until it’s been taken from you

Now let’s see what must be ignored:

  • Don’t destroy the package that is not yours.
  • Don’t hide it under any circumstances.
  • Don’t try to take benefit from the USPS wrongly.
  • Don’t make the error viral for the sake of the greater good.

Final Words

Have you ever found a delivery package on your doorstep that you didn’t even order? Well, you don’t have to find the answer because the solution is common. USPS is handling this kind of problem for a long time.

When you are sent a kind of unsolicited package it does not mean that you are dealing with questions like “I put the wrong address on my USPS packages”, you can keep them. There will be no requirement of a payment or no need to send them back. In fact, no obligation is there for you.

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