Parcel Return Service DC 56901

Sometimes it occurs that you receive an entirely different parcel from what you have actually ordered. It creates inconvenience between the merchant and the consumers if the right parcel is not delivered.

In cases like these, USPS (the United States Postal Service) offers you the easiest and most inexpensive way to return your undesired merchandise to the merchant. Most postal services within the United States will cost you an extra postage fee for returning the wrong parcel. But the Parcel Return Service of USPS will not burden you with those additional charges.

If you often shop remotely or have to deal with parcels in your day-to-day life for your work, you must have dealt with the situation of receiving the wrong package.

If you are thinking about what made me the expert to write about this, then it’s a valid question on your part. Well, to answer that, I experienced some similar incidents with returning the wrong parcel delivered.

And now I will share all the information you need about the Parcel Returning Service (PRS). So, let’s get into it.

What is Parcel Return Service (PRS)

Parcel Return Service (PRS) is a specialized returns service for shippers who receive many returns. Prepaid, preprinted return mailing labels that satisfy USPS criteria are available.

Consumers can use Parcel Return Service (PRS) to return products to retailers without paying additional postage. Like USPS Return Services, this service allows customers to return parcels to retailers at the merchant’s expense. It benefits the business by providing a low-cost return solution, allowing them to offer free returns to their customers.

How does USPS Return Service Work?

End-to-end service is provided through the Merchandise Return Service. The item is returned to the sender using the enclosed return mailing label, which the customer attaches to the package and mails it. The merchant’s account is debited for postage after the parcel is delivered to the postal facility indicated on the label.

It doesn’t matter how much additional postage is paid to a box with a Parcel Return Services (PRS) label if the postal service charges the merchant the proper PRS payment. There is no need to attach postage to the parcel because the merchant has already paid for the postage.

PRS covers bulk parcels picked up by approved permit holders or their agents, subject to the parcel return service. All packages mailed with a PRS label are guaranteed to be paid for by permit holders.

They allow the USPS to deliver mail with an approved PRS label to the permit holder or its designee results from a business or other entity supplying its customers with an approved PRS label.

Salient Features of Parcel Return Service

USPS Parcel Return Service offers multiple parcel dropping options for returning your parcel, such as:

  • Scheduled pickup by authority
  • Handing over to a mailman
  • Placing the parcel in a dedicated collection booth designated by the Postal Service
  • Consumers, as well as the merchants, can electronically monitor the position of your returned parcel so that you won’t have to worry about losing the package.
  • Rapid and low-cost return service for merchants.
  • Merchants can collect the bulk of products according to their suitable time.


How long does it take for the USPS to return your parcel to the sender?

The sender will receive the returned parcel within 15 days in a standard case and 30 days for customs. After receiving the returned parcel, it will take 2-8 days to redeliver the parcel.

Is the PRS procedure the same in every state?

Yes, there are thousands of collection stations across the USA, and they follow the exact same procedure as described in the USPS policy. But the quality of service may vary from state to state. In DC, the service quality is relatively better than in any other county.

What city is zip code 56901?

The Zip Code is for Washington DC, formally known as the District of Columbia.

How to track the USPS return label?

Go to Please search for your package by entering the USPS tracking number (you may get it by looking at the bottom of a shipping label). “Check Status” should be clicked. View the package’s scan history and current status.


Returning the wrong parcel to the sender can be quite a hassle sometimes. But the USPS offers an inexpensive and consumer-friendly returning service. Consumers get an extra postage service fee-free returning policy, and the merchants also get paid for their delivery service. The USPS pays the additional charge to the merchants.

If you are thinking about returning any parcel through the USPS, it will not let you down.

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