How to Refuse a USPS Package

USPS (United States Postal Service) is one of the most sustained postal services all over the world. Though the head office is in the United States, it has many branches in different countries.

The organization provides many facilities to its customers. Providing quick service is the key feature of them. They also deliver express mail service. All these quality services make them unique from others.

First-class mails, priority mails are various proportions among their solutions. The customers also can track their orders to get the updated status of the parcel location.

Yet, sometimes the most reputed organization may make some mistakes. On the other hand, some customer needs to cancel the order or the shipment for various reasons. To solve these kinds of problems, the service provider has created some easy procedures. Here, in this article, you will find refusing a USPS package.

can you refuse a package from usps

The Concept of Refusal

The USPS customer gets the tracking number when they book the package. This USPS refused package tracking helps them to track and refuse the booked product. With the tracking number, the customers are also able to check the delivery location of the package.

In such a case, when you receive the parcel, you may find that the product is not yours. That means the product is not the same as you ordered. These kinds of mistakes sometimes happen with the service provider.

Sometimes the parcel may damage the way to deliver at your door. Or, the order was dedicated to someone else but came to you unwillingly.

Besides, the sender provides the wrong address (which is your address) to the USPS, and you find the product in your mailbox.

In these kinds of situations, you want to return the order.

The good news is that you can refuse the shipment by contacting the organization. Another way is to communicate with the delivery person too.

The processes are very easy and uncomplicated. But, you need to know what you should do to cancel the delivery. And also, you should be careful about the parcel, that if you open it, then it cannot be refused. But, to know these procedures, you have to go through the details below.

Can I Refuse a Package from USPS

Yes, you can refuse a package from USPS. If you do not want to receive a package, you must sign for it at the post office. The person delivering the package has no authority to leave the package unclaimed. If you do not claim the package, it will be returned to the sender.

Steps of Refusal

Now, you must be thinking about how to refuse a package USPS? Give a few minutes, and you will find all the solutions. The article is all about to remove your confusion. Here are the steps you need to know:

  • If you find the USPS package going the wrong way by tracking, you may contact the organization and cancel it.
  • After getting the parcel, you need to write “refused” in a big letter on the package. Then you have to give it back to the delivery personnel.
  • While receiving the parcel in your mailbox, write “refused” and put it in your mailbox.
  • Another way is to go to the post office and send it back to the service provider.
  • You can also settle the order cancellation over the phone. Communicating over the phone is a very effective and easy way.
  • If you already paid for the product with your credit card, you should contact the merchant.
  • In the case of cash on delivery, the USPS charges the delivery cost when you want to refuse the order.

Conditions for Refusal and Returns

The first thing is that you must need the unsigned acknowledgment receipt. That means you have to cancel the shipment before you have signed. So, you are not eligible for the USPS package intercept if you have already signed on the receipt.

Secondly, the package must be in an undamaged condition. The organization does not allow the damaged package for refusal.

Thirdly, after getting the package, you need to return it within a specific time. After the mentioned duration, the refusal procedures will be disabled automatically.

Fourthly, the USPS does not permit a few mail or letters for refusal. The ineligible refusal categories are of packages as registered mail, signature required to mail, return receipt merchandise, and so on.

And the last thing is that you cannot lose the content of the parcel. Also, you can return or refuse if the parcel does not belong to you.

So, you have to be careful about a few items which you may not refuse:

  1. Pieces sent as registered mail,
  2. Certified mail,
  3. Insured mail,
  4. Return receipt for,
  5. Merchandise mail,
  6. Response mail to the addresses sales promotion,
  7. Addresses solicitation or announcement,
  8. Mail of unknown addresses.


In this article, you have learned about how to refuse delivery USPS. The process is very easy and simple. But you have to be careful about the unopened package. If you want to return the parcel, you must take the package unopened and undamaged.

Yet, some mail categories do not allow returning or refusing. Which are: registered mail, certified mail, and so on. But, you have many other criteria which are eligible for package refusals.

Thus, you may say that the USPS package delivery is a quality service provider. Their terms and conditions regarding package refusal are very authentic. You only need to know the package refusal process and follow them.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Question

Who pays for Refused package USPS?

The customer has to pay for the shipping costs. If they don’t want to pay for the shipping, then they should use another service such as UPS or FedEx.

Can I return a package to sender USPS?

Yes, you can return a package to sender at any post office. The only thing you need to do is to fill out the form provided by the post office.

What does Post Office do with Refused mail?

If a piece of mail is refused, the Post Office will return it to the sender.

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