Is The Mail Running Today

Is the mail running today? I am sure this is a question you have asked yourself, especially when you move to a new area. For the most part, there will be mail under-delivery every weekday; however, some small towns and suburbs might have the mail delivered a few days a week. So let’s look at the official US mail calendar.

USPS holidays in 2022

Below is a list of USPS holidays in 2022. No emails will be under-delivery or sent on these days, so it’s essential to plan accordingly and pay attention to this page’s information. Your postman/postman will not receive or deliver any packages during these holidays. If you’re not sure if USPS is open, check the info below to see the dates and holidays of the 2020 USPS holidays.
Date                                        Holiday                                               Day of Week
January 1                                New Years Day                                  Wednesday
January 20                              Martin Luther King Day                     Monday
February 17                            Presidents Day                                    Monday
May 25                                   Memorial Day                                     Monday
July 4                                     Independence Day                              Saturday
September 7                          Labor Day                                           Monday
October 12                            Columbus Day                                    Monday
November 11                       Veterans Day                                      Wednesday
November 26                      Thanksgiving                                       Thursday
December 25                       Christmas Day                                     Friday
All US Postal service divisions actually observe these Postal Holidays, including the offices and delivery.
Please note that only observation dates will be on the list here. For example, even though Independence Day is on July 4, you can see from the table above, according to federal rules, “weekend holidays are usually under observation on the nearest weekday.
For example, the Saturday holidays are previous. Observed on Friday, holidays falling on Sunday will be celebrated next Monday) ”

Closed Shipping Days

The above is a list of postal holidays in 2022. No mails will be under-delivery or sent these days, so really make sure that you plan accordingly.
Similarly, It is imperative to pay close attention to the above information. When you expect the USPS to close or open, many of the days are not always as you desire. Feel free to use this USPS 2020 Calendar above. The last thing you want is to predict the postman to receive a vital package to know it’s a post office vacation day.
Have you ever wondered, do you have a mail delivery today? Or maybe you are looking forward to a direct mail campaign.
It’s a good idea to take your calendar and note the year’s ten holidays designated for the United States Postal Service. Depending on when and what you send, the day you don’t receive the email can make a difference.
Everyone remembers that during big holidays like New Year, Anniversary, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, there is no email delivery. Still, Martin Luther King’s Day, Washington’s birthday, Colombo There are also holidays like Day and Reinstatement Day. Surprise us, especially when we fall on weekends and move on Friday or Monday.
A consistent year-end and New Year’s holiday can also aggravate delays in postal delivery. For example, the church will begin promoting Easter services in early 2021.

Businesses should pay attention to the holidays

Alternatively, accounting firms wishing to promote their tax return services should consider Martin Luther King Day and President Day’s impact. During the year, non-profit organizations need to take Repatriation Day and Thanksgiving into account when planning year-end fundraising activities.
There is another reason to mark these holidays on an actual calendar. Because depending on your business, some of your direct communications may be associated with these dates.
The clothing store can send a postcard announcing a Labor Day sale to get rid of summer fashion. The restaurant can send unique invitations for discounted or free meals to active retired military personnel on veterans or anniversaries.
The USPS is one of the most trusted and reputable authorities providing postal and postal services worldwide. Currently, USPS provides mail services to more than 220 countries around the world. If shipping via USPS, check the USPS 2022 holiday calendar to see when the post office is closed.
Below, we have shared the USPS Holiday 2021 table and calendar. Please check the holiday details below and plan to ship accordingly.

Federal Holidays

These are also federal holidays. There is one thing you need to know about national holidays. That is, weekend holidays are usually observed on the nearest day of the week (for example, Saturday holidays were observed on the previous Friday, and Sunday holidays are observed on the following Monday).

USPS Holiday mail schedule

Like most of everything else this year, the holiday season will be very different thanks to the coronavirus pandemic.
Many of us choose to send gifts rather than visit family and friends and want to reduce the spread of potential viruses.
The United States Postal Service is likely gearing up for one of the busiest shipping seasons to date. USPS has released a deadline for shipping during the holidays to notify and ensure that packages arrive at their loved ones on time.
The USPS says the busiest time before a holiday always starts two weeks before Christmas. Therefore, if you want actually to beat the crowds, ship the item by December 7, if possible. If you plan to use USPS’s online shipping service via, try to use it by December 14, which should be the busiest day of the year for postal services.
To ensure gifts arrive at their destination by Christmas on December 25, USPS has a national and Air / Army Post Office (APO) / Fleet Post Office (FPO) / Diplomacy Post Office (DPO) address. We recommend that you ship to this address. By the next date, depending on the delivery service you use:


If it’s not a Sunday or a federal holiday, the post office may be open. However, there are some post offices which are closed on Saturdays. Visit the website for the daily opening hours of your local post office. Enter the actual city and state or postal code and click the Search button. The location of the nearby post office is displayed. This includes the retail hours shown on the website.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Question

is the post office open on presidents day?

No, the post office is closed on Presidents Day.

does usps the mailman run on memorial day?

There is no mail service on Memorial Day.

is the post office open for columbus day?

No. The U.S. Postal Service is closed on Columbus Day.

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