How Do I Talk to a Real Person at USPS

The world is getting faster at everything by the day. In the case of sending and receiving, people cannot wait until their email or parcel is on the correct spot from online to offline. Like Google, Yahoo, and other internet mailing systems, numerous agencies help out with the offline mailing service.

Offline parcels are generally more at stake than online ones. There are plenty of things that can go wrong in this matter. While online mails can be sent out with the click of a button, parcels have a much more convoluted process to reach its destination.

To make that process easier, USPS provides amazing customer service, both online and in person. Keep an eye further to figure out a common question-how do I talk to a real person at USPS.

To get in line with a live person:

There are times when doing everything online is not convenient. People have plenty of questions to ask. That can be about losing their tracking number to track package or late delivery. That is also high time they talked to a real person rather than searching through online answers.

USPS, along with its splendid online service, furnishes their customer with the ability to talk to a real person as well. The customers often find it very difficult to understand and ask how do I talk to a real person at USPS. Here is an easy guideline:

  • Among the cascade of steps, a customer has to follow to get to a real person in USPS, this is the first one. Pick up the nearest phone and dial 1-800-222-1811. If this number doesn’t work, try 1-800-275-8777 or 1-800-ASK-USPS.
  • After getting done, press 0 to hear the automated voice. The voice will provide you with the options you need to choose.
  • Say “agent” if you want to talk to a human in USPS. The voice will lead you to anyone in customer service if available.
  • If no one is available at that moment, then that might not be the service hour for USPS. But the automated voice will also let you know the customer hours as well so that you can come back for some result.

Customer service timings:

It is better to know about the USPS customer service hours beforehand rather than getting deprived after calling. USPS has such a constructed system both online and in case of in-person customer service. Everything in their system runs with punctuality.

Just like they have a particular time for delivery, they have that for in-person service as well. It is 8 am-8.30 pm EST on Monday-Friday, and 8 am-6 pm EST on Saturday.

If you are looking for talking to a live person in USPS, this should be the calling hour. Any time other than that may end up with a voice message asking to call at the service hours.

As you can see, USPS does not provide live person service on Sundays (since it is a holiday) and after 8.30 pm on weekdays. The hours are limited on weekends as well. It is only a smart choice to avoid picking up the phone at such hours.

Services provided by USPS:

United States Postal Service is a mailing agency that helps out with your mail or parcel. For example, you have to send out something that has to be offline to a person, that can be a bunch of paper or a pair of jeans.

No matter how small or big that parcel is, USPS ensures its customer has a safe delivery of their important products while maintaining good privacy. They provide fast and sound dispatch facilities, even working on holidays.

Just like any other service, USPS has its unique facilities that can be used only when you let them deal with your parcel. These special features are designed to make the customer experience smooth and easy. Here goes some of those:

  • USPS has two basic mailing system- priority mail and first-class. Priority mails take 2-3 business days, and first-class take 3-5 business days to reach their ultimate destination. Even though priority mails take faster to reach than first class, you have to pay a higher price for it too.
  • They say the more the investment, the better the result. The fast delivery system of priority mail takes 7-8USD minimum, whereas the first class takes 1-2USD. But it depends entirely on the person’s choice and the weight of the parcel he/she is sending.
  • The priority mail is called, so it is because of the shortest time to reach its owner. It has different mailing boxes that are assorted by the weight of products. The first class can send anything below 13 ounces. Just when the weight hits more than that, it will go straight to priority mail.

Although anything below 13 ounces can be sent by priority mail too, since it charges more than first-class, it is not good to opt with priority mail even for a small package.

  • There are different levels of shipping while using USPS. There is pre-shipment, accepting the parcel, in transit, and delivery. You will also get an alert if there is any problem with the parcel. For instance, it can be a late delivery, or the parcel is taking longer to process for delivery.
  • The USPS tracking system can measure all of these. From the moment the parcel leaves your hand to the point it reaches its owner’s hands, all these can be tracked by the customer. USPS has its website where the customer can write down the tracking number to figure everything out.

The tracking number can be found below the parcel box. But people often input the wrong number in the search bar. There are different signs to clarify that too. You can also get back your tracking number by talking to customer service.

  • Another amazing facility USPS has is its insurance. A customer can purchase insurance from a USPS office. The insurance will cover up to 50 thousand USD amount of loss. A parcel can be lost or damaged while shipping. But USPS will take care of all of it without the customer having to lose sleep.

Although certain products do not come with insurance, these are flammable, fragile products that are harder to handle by the agency. These parcels tend to get damaged easily in any step of the shipment. So, they are not covered by USPS insurance.

Final note:

USPS has been standing out as an authorized agency for sending out emails among many other agencies for so long. It is easier to parcel with USPS rather than the regular post office. The combined services they provide from delivery to shipment to customer service is something to be satisfied.

Although there are different levels of these services, each is designed to solve targeted problems that might be faced by the customers. You want to track package; they have an entire website with a tracking system. You lose the tracking number; they got their customer service.

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