USPS Notice Left (No Secure Location Available)

We often find USPS notices in our mailboxes. They left notices for many different reasons. USPS left notices in your mailbox or the doorstep or mailed you to tell you that why they were unable to deliver your package. Several things can be taken into account for not delivering the package.

The cause of not leaving your parcel could be there is no secure location to leave it, oversized items, fragile items that the mailman was afraid to leave all by themselves, no one was there to receive your parcel, overprotective mailman or a lazy delivery man, the receiver didn’t receive the box or didn’t respond about getting the delivery. There are a lot of reasons like these that could be mentioned in the left notice.

In our today’s discussion, we will talk about why USPS left a notice that says no secure location, what to do when USPS left that notice, how to recover the parcel from USPS and a few other things which will help to learn more about the USPS left notice matter.

So, let’s start.

Why USPS left notice no secure location:

We often see that after ordering something we didn’t get the parcel the day we were supposed to get it. Instead of the package, the delivery man left a notice in your mail. It says, no secure location is available. So does it mean, “no secure location” and why did the mailman leave that not for you?

Well, the simplest way to describe it is that your mailman wasn’t satisfied with your place and he thought leaving your parcel here won’t be secure. So he left a notice for you and return the parcel to the head office.

That’s the main case and main reason for leaving notice that no secure location is available. Even though it’s the main point but sometimes mailmen also play some trick to get rid of his work or to go home early. In that case, sometimes the delivery doesn’t go to your place at all for his personal reason. But he needs an explanation why he didn’t deliver the parcel. He just can’t say that he needed to attend Nicks game with his friend that’s why he left early. So, the mailman show cause that your place isn’t safe enough to deliver the parcel and that’s how it’s not the mailman fault anymore.

Except for the no secure location available USPS cancellation of your delivery, you may see some other notice like- no access to the front door, package oversized can’t put it in the mailbox and some cause like this. Now, in the next discussion, we will see what to do in that situation.

What to do when USPS Left notice No Secure Location Available:

Now you know why the USPS mailman leaves that note. So, it’s time to learn what action you will take to recover your parcel.

There are a few things you can do to get back your parcel. First, the easiest way is to leave a note for your mailman and give him instructions on where to leave your box this time. This way you can get your box very easily though it may take two or three days.

The second thing you can do is to call your local USPS office. They will listen to your problem and will take further action to deliver your parcel as soon as possible. This process is also very effective and doesn’t require much effort. It also may take a few days to get back your parcel.

The third option is here to visit your local USPS office. There is a section in the USPS office where they put all the product that wasn’t delivered for insecure location. If you talk to the officer they will show you the process of collecting your packages. This method works immediately and is the best way to collect your product.

What USPS Will Do If You Don’t Collect The Package:

Now you know why USPS left notice and what to do if they left to notice. Now we will see, what will happen if you don’t respond to the latter and what USPS will do to return your box.

USPS will try two or three times to reach you. They try to find a secure location to deliver your product. They will revisit your location two or three times. But if they failed to reach you they will stock the product in their office. And if you don’t contact them in 15 days then they will send the package back to the sender.

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