USPS Bound Printed Matter vs Media Mail

What if you could send both of your necessary bound sheets or media materials through the united states postal service? Yes, you can now send your books, magazines, printed letter, directory or editorial material, printed music, CDs, DVDs in bulk or single.

The bound printed matter will help you send your permanently bound documents, that is, the catalogues, books, advertising, and promotional sheets, with less cost. On the other hand, media mail is the way to send media materials.

Are you still confused about the differences? Okay, let’s clarify the difference between USPS Bound Printed Matter vs Media Mail.

What Is USPS Bound Printed Matter?

The bound printed matter is the way to send small and large packages containing the printed sheets. The sheets that are permanently attached by staples, spiral binding, glue, or stitching are transferred through the bound printed matter service.

You can send the packages weigh up to 15 lbs. But the measure of the parcels should be up to 108 inches combining the length and thickness.

If you send 300 or more pieces of documents in a package, you will get a discount on the pricing. But you have to send only the permit mailings.

What Is USPS Media Mail Service?

You can transfer books, CDs, printed music, videotapes, DVDs, or sound recordings like a song through the media mail service. By the media mail, you can send your mail weighing not more than 70 pounds.

Interestingly, you do not have to pay more than you send. In means, you only pay for the items which you will send.

Though media mail is cheaper than bound printed mail, it can take a much longer time to deliver your packages. So, you may have to wait 2 to 10 days to arrive your mail.

As the USPS authority will check your mail, there is no way to send any non-media material in media mail. If such happen, the mail will be resent to you for violating the rules. So, it is clear that you cannot send any material through USPS media mail that the U.S. Postal Service does not approve as media material.

What Are the Main Differences Between USPS Bound Printed Matter Vs Media Mail?

USPS Bound Printed Matter is an excellent service conducted by the USPS authority that is the bulk rate service. On the other hand, the media mail is the service to send the media materials.

Though the media mail is cheaper, it takes a longer time to deliver the packages. But by the bound printed matter, you can send your permanently bounded documents in a bulk amount.

FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long time does USPS Bound Printed Matter take to deliver?

Though bound printed mail needs an average of 7 to 10 days of working days, it can take up to 3 weeks or more to deliver the packages.

  • Is Media Mail guaranteed?

Media mail needs 2 to 8 working days to deliver the mail within the country. But it is not a guaranteed service; the delivery may require a long time.

  • Can you track the USPS Media Mail?

As the USPS Tracking system is now for free, you can also track USPS Media Mail. The media mail is still cheaper, including books, CDs, DVDs, or any printed media like a song.

  • Why is Media Mail so cheap?

The Media Mail is mainly designed to encourage the flow of educational materials. That’s why the media mail is so cheap. But if the authority finds any fraud in the mailing, the sender will be charged.

Final Verdict

Perhaps you got the core differences between the USPS Bound Printed Matter vs Media Mail. Though these two services are used for two different purposes, they are essential for the commercial sector as well as for mass people.

So, now when you send any documents or DVDs, you can easily understand which mail service is suitable for sending your packages.

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