How Often is Media Mail Inspected

Nowadays Media Mail is considered a new shipping technique as people are liking it very much. The reason of liking it is this technique is budget-friendly and free of additional charges. This mail media is forwarded by an independent agency.

Shipping academic things, media things, CDs, DVDs, books, videotapes, etc is very much easy through media mail. It is considered an impressive one for shipping this stuff. For those who are in search of an affordable shipping system, media mail will be a perfect option for shipping. But the condition is the thing should qualify as instructional material.

Media mail process is not that difficult. The price of packages is counted by weight. This is a common process of computing money over any product. A heavily weighted item such as books, magazines, paper items, or any kind of heavy weighted product will cost a bit more to send across the US. Different types of academic and media materials causes expensive by sending through mail.

Sometimes they offer a discount on their shipping and delivery price

The shipments will arrive between 3-10 days. It usually takes a median of 4 days, 7 days.

Some people and businessmen sometimes settle fragile and sensitive media items which are now strictly prohibited. People do this because they want to drop under discounts.

Everything has its pros and cons. So is Media mail. Excess delivery times and lack of insurance facilities are the main reason for it. Priority shipping solely takes 2-3 days usually. But sometimes they take 1 week or more than 1 week for shipping. So, the general public has to suffer it sometimes. Also sometimes they caught to customers for poor packaging and faulty items. That’s why customers sends it to make to the sender.

Sometimes media mail costs a bit more than other systems. Suppose, if a package costs $5.2  Media Mail will cost  $12.56.

What is Media Mail?

Media Mail is nothing but an efficient shipping technique process by which books and media materials are delivered through U.S. communication. One is able to send books (academic, nonacademic) DVDs, CDs, videotapes, written music, video recordings and also alternative sound recordings.  Media Mail as long as they weigh but seventy pounds. In order to form a convenient and cheap thanks to mail books, the U.S mail service (USPS) started providing Media Mail in 1938. Its main purpose was to facilitate the dissemination of academic material throughout the country.

As the technological landscape of media modified over the years, Media Mail’s classes were expanded to incorporate films, posters and different academic material.

Is All Media Mail Inspected?

No, it is not right. Not every single piece of Media Mail is inspected by officers at the United States Postal Service.

The amount of mail is verified, displayed, and inspected daily. And this whole task is done by United States Postal Service staff who are authorized. They are highly responsible for completing, observing, and conducting this task.

So, they have been very busy each day. Almost every day, around 172.8 million items of mail are collected by United States Postal Service. Moreover, they handle and manage several alternative things and millions amount of stuff every day.

Pros & cons of media mail: Everything has its pros and cons and so is for media mail. We are going to elaborate on this below:

Benefits/ pros:

  1. Media mail is not complex at all and so much easy to use
  2. It provides updates every time to time and in a correct way
  3. It is not costly at all; so much affordable
  4. It consists of an expedient process
  5. This US service contains certain rules and restrictions including a maximum weight of 70 pounds
  6. It consists of free tracking systems also


  1. It takes too much time to deliver
  2. Only educations and media items are available there
  3. They hardly keep any insurance options available.

Is a Media Mail Package be massive?

The length of media mail envelopes is 12 x 15 inches and 3/4 inches thickness. Media Mail packages shouldn’t exceed 108 inches long around the thickest half.

How long will Media Mail go for Arrive?

Media Mail normally takes three – eight business days to deliver the product. They make restrictions over unsuitable products also and everything goes under security check. The general delivery time for Media Mail is fixed for three-four days.

What items can be shipped in Media Mail?

Items that can be shipped in media mail are-

  1. Educational equipment
  2. Test Materials and Accessories
  3. Printed music and films the mail service Act of 1792 was signed into law by President Washington
  4. Video recordings
  5. Computer-Readable Media
  6. Binders
  7. Play scripts and Manuscripts
  8. Loose-Leaf Pages

Why will an independent agency examine packages before delivery?

It is done for security purposes and I think it is very important. The main reason for doing it is a security check, a decrease of the faulty items, etc. They don’t want to hear any abuse regarding any product. They take this task in a serious way, especially before final packaging. Because if they find any fault later it will be very difficult to re-package.


Hope we are able to provide the answer correctly that you are searching for. Be with us for further questions related to USPS.

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