How to return mail to sender if wrong address

Some of the extra services that USUPS has. Like the return to sender USPS offer, should be the type of services you should be taking advantage of. Below we will talk about them and other extra services offered by the Post Office.

Return to USPS sender: simple steps

Return to sender USPS is for items sent every day by the post office. However, if the mail arrives at the correct address, was to someone who does not live there. Then it would be best if you wrote: “Not at this address” on the envelope. Or package before you resend it.

If you receive correspondence sent to the wrong address. Please return it to the courier or keep it in your inbox. You can also reject it and return the unopened mail.

How long does it take for the USPS to return the sender package if the recipient is unknown?

If the package is sent as first-class correspondence, the package will be returnable to the sender’s non-priority mail.

Moreover, if the package were sent as first-class correspondence (that is, a package of 13 ounces or less). The parcel would be returnable as the first-class correspondence, which can take a day or two.

Ultimately, if the undeliverable mail or parcels are on the return to an unknown recipient. They will not be any processing within the time limit as they are not a commercial proposal from the Swiss Post.

Please note that if the return address is lost or unreadable. The parcel is sent to the undeliverable address will not be sent back.

If the new resident’s address moves to has a “document address change.” the package may be “pending.

” When moving from one state to another, courier companies said they could “store” and collect mail at the new main post office.

If you do not know the address itself, the package will be back to the sender.

Mail sent to people who are not at your address

If you’re sending a message to the correct address. But the recipient isn’t here, print “Don’t send to this address” in a proper and viewable location. Do not write a “return to sender.”

Check the barcode on the box and cross it to ensure the product does not return to the same address.

If you continue to receive correspondence from people who do not live at this address. Please contact the post office or the nearest post office. Your local post office can guarantee that you will not continue to receive correspondence that was sent incorrectly.

Send the correspondence back to the sender, telling them that the sender does not live there.

You can return the item to the mailbox marked in red. So that the mail carrier can collect the item the next time you send the correspondence.

Instead of returning the item to the mail carrier, you can put it in your USPS mailbox. The post office collects it and returns it to the sender or forwards it to the correct address.

You can use the USPS Find Location page to find the nearest collection box.

Mails delivered to the wrong address: return USPS sender

If the mail is on delivery to the wrong address. It usually means that the delivery was accidental in the mailbox. When you receive the correspondence, put the undelivered correspondence back in the box and mark it in red.

The mailbox mark notifies the mail operator that the outgoing mail has been received in the mailbox.

If a Priority Mail Express item is on delivery to the wrong address. Please call 1-800-ASK-USPS (1-800-275-8777) to request a Priority Mail Express reporting unit. Follow the instructions on the phone line for how to return.

When a courier delivers an item. They give the package to the courier and explain that the delivery was given to the wrong address.

You can also bring it to your local post office.

Spam Sent: Return to USPS Sender

Please write “decline” in the message and return it to the mail carrier. You can refuse to reply to the sender even for most types of mail sent. When I open a package, you can’t return it even if you close it again. So you can reject most messages during or after delivery and remember just to check “Reject” in the delivery notification.

Some correspondence is mail that you must sign for. You can reject the correspondence by selecting the Reject check box in the mail carrier’s delivery notification.

If the mail carrier leaves a notification to access your inbox. Select Deny to sign the notification and then return it to your inbox.

Commonly these correspondence types include Priority Express, Registered Mail, Certified Mail, and Cash on Delivery.

If you wish to return it after receiving and signing it. You will need to repack it and replace it with your new package. If you have opened the item, please repack it with the original shipping cost.

After repacking the product, ship it usually. If you return a damaged or unwanted item. The seller will provide you with a prepaid shipping label or cover the shipping costs.

How much does it cost to return the package?

If it says “return to sender,” most postal services will pick up the package. And send it back to the sender, but if you sign or open the mail receipt, the mail will be sent with the new package/envelope payment and the shipping method. Shipping costs for the package you are returning will probably be the same.


The USPS Return Service can help you resolve the issue of wrong mail deliveries. If the “Return Post Office to Sender” method does not work. You can also write a ┬ánote to the sender and the post office. Similarly, you can ask them to stop sending these types of mails and packages.

Besides, if the envelope or mail does not have a return address. The USPS will store the returned mail for 15 days. These then end up in the Dead Mail Office. Moreover, the post office will auction or destroy the returned mail or package for processing. If they see a return address, the USPS will return the box to the sender.

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